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18 September 2016

Oracle Open World, Day 1

The real start of the conference

Saturday is fun day.  Sunday through Thursday are work days.  I can’t decide which I prefer.  Sadly, I think I prefer the sessions.  Get a life, Cameron
And with that, let’s begin the geeking.  I’ll take you through the sessions one by one and update throughout the day.

UGF6169: Swipe Your Way to Better Analytics in the Cloud with Senior Lifestyle, Sarah Katz, Huron Consulting

Oh dear, I really wanted to attend this one.  I plead poor adjustment to time zone changes and hence I overslept.  Bugger.

UGF6308: Oracle Hyperion Planning Interface:  Simplified, Cindy Eichner, Finit Solutions

Cindy spoke on the SUI and how it’s the future and in fact is the present.  It’s a good overview of the functionality within the SUI focusing on PBCS.

UGF6421: Why Finance and IT Love Oracle Hyperion in the Cloud, Alex Leung, The Goal Getters

Excellent overview of the different kinds of cloud:  IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS by Alex Leung of The Goal Getters.  This is really good stuff because these terms are flying around OOW and for some of this (read me) it sounds alike but mean very different things.
The other thing I like is that it is very focused on Hyperion/Oracle EPM.  Alex is really walking us through the features of on-premises/IAAS, PaaS, and SaaS.
Why does Finance love the Cloud? There are some fairly compelling reasons:  control both technical and cost, focus on app not infrastructure, better support, better uptime.
Why does IT loves the Cloud?  Ibid on the compelling reasons plus  no commitment for capacity planning, better technical agility and focus, better security, allows deviation from internal standards support.

UGF7494: Implementing the World’s Largest Oracle Exalytics Program, Gary Crisci, GE

Gary’s repeating his Best Speaker presentation from Kscope16 on Exalytics.
Big boxes.  Big.  And big implementation – the largest in the world.  And big savings.
I think I could fit one in my garage.  Maybe.
As always, Gary is a fantastic speaker.

Conclusion for now

I’ll leave it for now but have more to come.

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