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08 September 2016

A Smart View survey? Oh yes. Or no. You decide.

A time of surveys

No, not a political one for those of you in the States.  Gah, I have enough of those from the eleventy-billion polling firms in this Great and Glorious country.  A pox upon them.  Yr. Obt. Svt. only goes this far in mentioning politics in his blog but he does wish that said eleventy-billion polling companies would please stop calling his abode.  It’s not like I answer the phone in any case.  And if I did, I’d lie just to confound them.

Having just (gently) savaged the American voting system, is this survey to be assiduously avoided the way many of us don’t answer the telephone?  No, because it addresses one of the key components in Oracle’s EPM technology stack – Smart View.

Smart View! Yes or No?

Is that a fair or even a valid question?  I’m not sure that it is.  After all, it isn’t as though there are many viable alternatives to Smart View except for Applied OLAP’s Dodeca and Dodeca Excel Add-In for Essbase.

Think of this poll as a message to Oracle as the results go to Oracle’s product management team for review.  Continuing the political theme, how you vote is anonymous, just like being at the ballot box so feel free to praise or damn Smart View without fear.

For the record

There are those who claim I am no fan of Smart View.  I will answer that by saying that this poll was my idea.  I like the concept of Smart View – one tool, many providers.  It’s what set Essbase apart in 1992 with its then revolutionary Excel add-in and I very much want Smart View to continue in that tradition.

At the same time no product is perfect.  This is your (and my) chance to let Oracle know what you think of it, what you use, and where you’d like to see the product be available (there is more to life than Excel).

Some of the guilty

Speaking of blame, as always there are many who contributed to this effort.  

If you don’t vote, don’t complain

Vote, won’t you?  This is your chance to make your opinion heard and it’s a pity not to take advantage of it.

Be seeing you.


David Haimes said...

The survey is missing an option for question 4. Which products do you use Smartview with.
It is part of the Oracle Fusion/Cloud ERP Applications, we have thousands of Fusion General Ledgers users using smartview.

Unknown said...

Not a fan of smart view. Oracle tried to add too many features on it but too many issues