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18 September 2016

Oracle Open World 2016, Day 0

Another year, another week of live blogging madness…

…that goes by the name Oracle Open World.  Yes, it’s here – here being San Francisco, the City By The Bay.
I struggled on numbering this post – is it day -1 (OOW opens tomorrow) or day -3 (I was here for the ACED briefings on Thursday and Friday last) – and reasoned that the whole number before 1 is 0 and as tomorrow is the 1st today must be day 0.  I know we’ve all enjoyed this lesson in 2nd grade math.
Unlike Kscope, OOW is in SF every year.  Beyond actually being able to find restaurants, coffee shops, etc. year over year, it is a fun place to be for a conference.  If one were to measure the suitability of a city based on the number of songs written about it – yes this is a strange metric but bear with me – the Great American Songbook proves it although they are all strangely downbeat.  Chicago it ain’t but I note ODTUG managed to have a conference there on the basis of only two songs.  Actually, this may not be a good criteria.  No matter.

I hear music

What are the (well at least my) songs about the city?  San Francisco Blues – Peggy Lee, Got My Gate on the Golden Gate – Mel Tormé, and of course I Left My Heart in San Francisco – Dean Martin, Perry Como, and of course Tony Bennett. Yes, three singers on the last song but is the iconic SF song and besides Dino in concert is hilarious, Mr. C is sooo relaxing,  and it’s Tony Bennett’s song.
There’s others as well.  On a slightly more positive note, but not really because it’s about the Big One:  San Francisco – Judy Garland.  And then a really cool police procedural one, The Streets of San Francisco.
Alas, while there are many songs about San Francisco, there are no songs about Oracle Open World.  Of course there is that Wednesday night event although I am likely hoping in vain for Anthony Dominick Benedetto as the star attraction next year.
No matter, the world+dog doesn’t share my taste in music, and this blog isn’t likely to change anyone’s mind.  But I have (maybe) encouraged you to open your mind to new horizons.

Speaking of new horizons

As noted, I attended the ACE Director briefing two days before the show and then the EPM Partner meeting yesterday (I’m sort of astounded that Yr. Obt. Svt. is invited to either one but I never argue with good fortune) and the NDA and even CDA is, to put it mildly, restrictive.  
Given that, I can’t really provide any details but I’ll give you the whole Magillah in a one word speech:  Cloud.
Yup, that was a tease.  Sorry.
Seriously, if you’re involved in EPM in any way, get your head around cloud, cloud, cloud.  Buy me a cup of coffee some time and I’ll give you my 2¢ on whether that’s a good, bad, or indifferent idea.  From a product perspective, funding coming to these products is beyond fantastic.
But what won’t be a tease will be what I’m going to try to do this year.  To wit: daily blogging, hopefully live, and lots of coverage on Twitter at @CameronLackpour.  With this kind of event, Twitter occurs as it happens, the blog happens at night.
Be seeing you.
P.S.  Be happy:  I have shot my bolt re musical links from your grandparent’s years.  
P.P.S.  I actually did write this yesterday but forgot about it.  Yes, the madness is upon me.

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