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24 September 2015

Developing Essbase Applications now available for purchase

It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here
For those of us who love books, or whose ego demands a hardbound copy to place on a bookshelf so he can read his name on the binder, you (and I) can now buy Developing Essbase Applications: Hybrid Techniques and Practices and get it, get it, get it in our hot little hands.

Yup, for real and for true, Amazon now has it.
I’ve preordered it and hope that it will be waiting on my home office desk when I get home.
As of noon-ish today, there were only 18 copies left.  Be the one who makes me happy and order 19.

All kidding aside

We – John Booth, Tim German, William Hodges, Mike Nader, Martin Neulip, Glenn Schwartzberg aka MMIC aka the-older-brother-from-other-parents-who-now-hates-me-for-leaving-him-off-this-list-sorry-Glenn-sorry, and yr. obt. svt. – wrote this as a labor of love.  There’s no real money it, just the satisfaction that we’ve spread knowledge and hopefully improved the Essbase world a little bit.  We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did in the writing.

Be seeing you.


GlennS said...

apparently I didn't write it as a labor of love but commitment.

Cameron Lackpour said...


Oh bugger, I left you out. Sorry.