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10 September 2015

Developing Essbase Applications: Hybrid Techniques and Practices is now available on Kindle

Huzzah!  It’s finally for sale!

Thanks to Anonymous’ comment (thanks, Anon) on the prepublication blog post for DEA Hybrid, world+dog now knows that the book is finally, finally, finally available for purchase so long as the reader isn’t tied to  dead trees and ink.

Click here or on the big pretty cover below to buy, buy, buy.  Buy enough of these and there will be a third DEA book.  Don’t and CRC Press will avoid me like a deadbeat dodges the bill collector.
K25678_v1 rev

Limit one per customer, but only for the hardbound book

Imagine my surprise when I tried to preorder 10 copies of the book as I must somehow boost sales.  Unpossible!

If you have a Kindle, would you mind sending me a picture?

I have a halfway decent cellphone with a camera, but I don’t have a Kindle.  Would someone, anyone who knows my Twitter or email address, please take a snap and send it to me?  I’ll insert it into this post and give you credit.  Thanks in advance.
Edit for Kindle
And now, thanks to John Booth, I now have a (stolen) image of DEA:  Hybrid.  John, thanks again..

Be seeing you.


Stan said...

As soon as my Kindle charges up enough I'll send you a picture if you still would like one. I purchased your book and downloaded it to the Kindle app on my Mac Book. I don't think you want a picture of the Kindle app on a Mac showing your book, however, if you do I'll send you a pic.

Really enjoyed the last book and I recommend it to all my friends, coworkers and I'm looking forward to reading the new book.

I enjoy reading your blog postings.

Pete said...


I have scammed the system (hack the planet etc etc) and managed to purchase it whilst on holidays in Hawaii! Saves me waiting til it gets released down under.

Now all I've got to do is read it on a 4' mobile phone....


Unknown said...

Bought it yesterday and already tweaked some things in our existing implementation :-) .

Phenomenal ROI, here's hoping for volume 3!

John A. Booth said...

Alejandro -- great to hear. Cameron -- my twitter blurb picture was from a snap of photo from my iPhone 6 Kindle version ;). You may have already picked up on that.

Dermott Beverley said...

Love this book!! Found an issue with a statement at section regarding Time Balance. It unfortunately is not supported when there are partitions present in the outline. I was sooooo excited to read that statement, "However, supports it in all of its permutations..." then sooooo depressed when it turned out to not be "exactly" true.

Great effort on the book though guys. Many more chapters of solid reading ahead :)