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27 June 2012

What comes after one? Two.

Basic math is getting hard
As in day two of the conference (of course this is being posted on day three).  Did I mention I was tired?  I’m typing this in Gary Crisci’s “Intro to MDX + ASO” as his session ambassador and the screen is just swimming in front of my eyes.  Ugh.  I can barely figure out what comes after two.  Could it be three?  Who knows.

Does this mean I’m having fun?  Well, I’m learning a lot, and presenting (today was my melodramatically named Script or Die!), and sitting in on fellow Developing Essbase Applications authors’ sessions, and minding the book booth (more anon), and generally running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  So I guess that’s a good conference.

We’re sold out

We brought 100 copies to the conference and we are completely sold out as of 11:15 am 27 June 2012.  Amazing.  We are hot, hot, hot.  Not too hot, as Fahrenheit 451 is the burning point for paper.  We actually had a fight over the last book but one of the parties didn’t bring his credit card and the other one did.  Here’s the lucky last buyer of the book:

Of course Developing Essbase Applications is available on Amazon, so if you missed out, buy it here.

Lunch n’ Learn

I think ODTUG is a little bit out of their mind, as they included me on the Lunch n’Learn panel which was moderated by Andy Jorgensen and  included Tony Scalese, Tracy McMullen (I keep on running into her), Chris Barbieri, and yr. obdnt. srvnt.

It was a lot of fun and it is almost possible we correctly answered one or two questions.

Mixed emotions

I am, in case you haven’t noticed, a tremendous fan of ODTUG’s KScope.  My one complaint, and it is a large one, is that I simply cannot attend all of the sessions I need.  The content is so good, so broad, so deep, so valuable, that I frankly resent the fact that I am not able to be in four places at the same time.  Arrrgh.  I guess if KScope stunk, I would be happy, except then of course I’d be annoyed because it was worthless.  At least I wouldn’t feel that I needed to be in multiple places simultaneously.  This desire to be in multiple sessions is I suppose the curse of success and one that I’ll gladly take, but I am working on my cloning experiments.

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Zaf Kamar said...

Hi Cameron,

Just bought the book on Amazon yesterday and I'm excited to get it in my hands! I'm a young Essbase-ee eager to learn from a pro among pros.

Keep the ODTUG recaps coming - wish I was there!