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26 June 2012

Missed it by that much

Sorry about that, chief”.  What, you aren’t a Mel Brooks fan?  Would you believe that Don Adams was a WW2 Marine and fought on Guadalcanal and then became a DI before going into acting and comedy?  Careers can be funny, especially when mine is examined.

KScope12 is turning out to be that marathon run like a sprint.  I couldn’t even manage to get out a report of Day One on time.  I was simply too busy when I had any energy and no energy when I had (extremely brief) downtime.  Such are the hallmarks of a great conference.

Here’s the crowd (actually, it got to almost SRO, so I was quite chuffed about that) getting ready to hear me talk about my chapter in the Developing Essbase Applications – “Slay the Evil of Bad Data in Essbase with ODI.”

I only rehearsed it, oh eight times, and while practice didn’t deliver perfection at least it didn’t result in outright disaster.

Oh, did I do that?  Why yes I did.

The above was quite serious but Kscope is that unique mix of work and fun.  The latter part of that combination evinced itself during the General Session.  Words pretty much fail me (and while I have never kissed the Blarney Stone, I could almost be Irish – I do like Guiness) with this one:

If you weren’t there, you should have been because it was…memorable.  That’s ODTUG’s board of directors getting ready to roast Mike Riley, former retiring president of ODTUG.  Scary, eh?

A really awesome keynote

I am an Essbase/Planning/ODI/EPM geek.  Or maybe I professionally live in a silo.  Cary Milsap?  Who’s that?  Okay, maybe I am just a dope because apparently everyone knows him.  Having gone to his keynote presentation, I have to say I now know why people are so enthusiastic about him.  He was, in a word, AWESOME.  Self-deprecating, humorous, warm, sharing, wise, insightful – these all describe his session.  I literally quoted him twice last night to two different people.  He was that good.

End with a bang

You know, I really, really, really need to get a phone with a better camera.  Oh well, this is the audience shot of EPM Midnight Madness.  Toufic Wakim, Tim Tow, Chris Barbieri, Tracy McMullen/Edward Roske, Natalie Delemar, yr. obdnt. srvnt., Eric Helmer, and Mark Rittman all played our version of Hollywood Squares.  As I have never in my life watched the show, I was somewhat bemused by being included in this august gaggle of geeks.  And oh yes, replicated, transparent, and linked are the three types of Essbase partitions.  ‘Nuff said.

More today, maybe

I am going to try to write today’s events, uh, today.  No promises.

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