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19 June 2012

I am holding it in my hands


It came this afternoon.  Oh joy, oh rapture, it’s hard to believe but it’s true, true, true.

What on earth am I talking about?  Why, Developing Essbase Applications:  Advanced Techniques for Finance and IT Professionals, of course.

As I wrote, the delivery man knocked on the door this afternoon and dropped off a heavy box from Taylor & Francis.   With trembling hands (and a sharp Benchmade), I opened the box.

And there it was.  Hardbound.  2.1 lbs.  445 pages.  With an index.  Gulp.
On the floor of my office

And you can have a copy as well

Well, if you’re not one of the lucky (?) reviewers, you’ll have to buy it but it’s excellent value for money, at least in my not entirely unbiased opinion.  

If you want to be one of the first geeks to have this essential tome, you can lay hands on it this Sunday, 24 June, at booth #224 in the ODTUG Kscope12 Welcome Reception.  We have credit card processing ready to go and a special low, low, low conference price.  What’s not to like?

Thanks to all of my esteemed authors aka the herd of cats

Developing Essbase Applications has been a group effort from beginning to end.  I may have suffered the most (at least in my fevered imagination) but in reality we all did our bit.  

The book (and a not inconsiderable amount of potential knowledge transfer to you, oh prospective customer) is a joint effort of:  Dave Anderson, Joe Aultman, John Booth, Gary Crisci, Natalie Delemar, Dave Farnsworth, Michael Nader, Dan Pressman, Robb Salzmann, Tim Tow, Jake Turrell, and Angela Wilcox.  They all deserve a round of applause for a job exceedingly well done.


Godoy said...

I´m ordering this on amazon today. I don´t live in US, so I can´t get this directly from your hands on KSCOPE, but no doubt I´m buying one.

Anonymous said...

Congrats !

Daniel Fasel said...

Congratulations! Mine is already on the way to Switzerland ;-)

Daniel Willis said...

Congratulations Cam and everyone who worked on it. Looking forward to receiving a copy in the mail also.