Want to know The Truth About CPM?

29 April 2012

More Oracle documentation than you can shake a stick at.


I love idiomatic speech – I think it meets some deeply felt need for trivia.  Or maybe miscommunication.  After all, if you don’t know what a given idiom means, well, we have a failure to communicate.  

That isn’t Oracle’s problem

I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention to Oracle’s various outreach programs to us, its partners and customers, but they are trying really hard to give us what we need to do our jobs.  Think about all of the things Support does, think about Oracle coming to KScope for their awesome symposium, Those acts of communications on Oracle’s part are nice, aren’t they?  And it sure beats being on a prison chain gang (go click on “failure to communicate”).

Where oh where has my documentation gone?

There are five ways to get to Oracle documentation, and four of them are update sites.  I don’t think Oracle would go through this trouble unless they wanted you to RT_M the documentation.  Would they?

The first one’s easy, and is the good old Oracle EPM Documentation Portal Page.  I have the Essbase link right there in my browser bookmarks toolbar so I can jump to it at any time.

Oh, big deal you say, you’ve been using it since the year dot.  Show me something new you say.  (Do you say this?  Please say yes or the next bits don’t make sense.)  New, you want new?  I’ll give (or more accurately, Oracle will give) you something new.

What’s new, pussycat?

How about getting updates to documentation from any one of four social media sites?  That’s right, Oracle doesn’t make you choose.  Take your pick, and get the latest.
Although I’m not a Twitter user, I personally like the way it presents documentation updates the best.  But as I wrote, you pays your nickel and you take your chances.

Reading is Fundamental

Okay, that’s enough obscure idiomatic (all linked so you can actually understand, sort of, this seriously great message about Oracle’s EPM documentation team) for one post.  

After all,
R.I.F., courtesy of Oracle.  Enjoy.

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