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01 April 2012

Developing Essbase Applications now available for preordering

Hard to believe, but true

Cast your eyes to the right of the screen.  What’s that you see?  Yup, a link for buying Developing Essbase Applications:  Advanced Techniques for Finance and IT Professionals.  Somewhat unbelievably (at least to me) it is now available for preorder on Amazon.  It practically makes me giddy with excitement, and it should at least interest you, because you can be the first geek on your block (or Essbase/Planning/EPM/whatever project or developer at the coalface of an Essbase implementation or, oh, you get the idea) to have a copy of what I modestly (ahem) believe to be the best, most advanced Essbase book ever.

Go on, click on it.  And buy.  Several copies per person would be most appreciated.  <grin>

Isn’t it pretty?

Well, I think so.  I will admit to being somewhat biased.  <grin yet again>

Where oh where will we get the code that goes with this book?

I am so glad you ask these leading questions…wait, I asked that question.  Oh well, it’s a good question.

Right here at the book’s website of course.  There’s nothing there save the cover right now, but give it a small amount of time and you’ll be able to download the code that goes with the book.  Oh joy.

And of course we have social media

‘Cause everyone does that, right?

For you FaceBookers (did I just utter a curse?) there’s a FaceBook page (as yet somewhat bare, but give us a week) where you’ll be able to learn all about the latest about this oh so awesome (ahem, again) book.

What’s next?

The book proofs are here – I have taken a week off (one more week non-billing compared to the months I’ve already put in – It’s sort of like, I’ve already broken every bone in my body save these 20 little ones scattered throughout my bruised and battered body, so if I only have 19 unbroken bones, what’s the big deal?) to go through the proofs from Taylor & Francis.  My coauthors/cohorts in crime/fellow masochists Angie Wilcox and Dan Pressman are doing the same.  Bless ‘em, they like pain too.

Once we’ve returned the proofs to Taylor & Francis, the book goes to production.  And that means you will soon have in your hands a copy of what really is, all kidding aside, a pretty darn good book.  I hope you’re as happy as I am about this. 


GlennS said...

This looks like an awesome book, based on who the authors are, It can't be anything but good. I look forward to reading and reviewing it.

er77 said...

Please provide Outline and
Can you publish book on safaribooksonline.com ?

Cameron Lackpour said...

Dear er77,

I *think* the book is coming out in electronic form, but I doubt it will ever get onto SafariBooksOnline.com as that is a website run by O'Reilly and Pearson. As this book is published by Taylor & Francis, a different publishing house, I can't see it showing up there.

I have had multiple questions about the existence of an e-book version -- I will follow up with my editor.

Thanks for asking -- I love talking to potential customers.


Cameron Lackpour

ledettm said...

Availablity on B&N?

Cameron Lackpour said...



It appears to be *cheaper* than Amazon.


Cameron Lackpour

Paul J Martin (DiabloPaulo) said...

Looking forward to reading this....although aren't you giving away the "secrets" of the "black box"! lol I'm sure it's going to be great! Copy ordered!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cameron,

Long time waited, and after several months, I just received my copy yesterday here In Montreal, Canada. First look? amazing job you and all the others authors did. thanks for sharing all that knowledge embedded is just few chapters. I'm like a child when receive a Christmas gift, anxious of reading every one of the chapters. They are not connected each other, but what a good information all of you are sharing. Congratulations. The paradox? one chapter stating BSO is not dead, the other one stating is dead...funny :)


Sergio Piamonte

Cameron Lackpour said...


I'm glad you are so excited about the book; we certainly are.

You are quite correct about the chapters -- given the number of authors we couldn't do it any other way. It's still good. :)


Cameron Lackpour

Anonymous said...

still good?....how modest you are ... I wouldn't think a better approach. I really prefer the 11 "papers" you mentioned rather than an essbase love story ;)