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13 March 2011

Why you should be at KScope11

If you’ve read this blog at all, you’ve heard me blather on and on about how wonderful ODTUG Kaleidoscope is and why you should go.  Yes, I am not shy about my enthusiasm for the conference.

I’m not the only one who likes KScope11.  How about hearing what other people have to say about this most excellent of Oracle conferences?  ODTUG’s President and author of the ODTUG Blog, Mike Riley, has been interviewing some Oracle community luminaries (and an exception – no points if you can guess who the 5 watt bulb might be) about:
  • The thing they like most about KScope.
  • What presentations they are looking forward to the most.
  • Have they ever been to Long Beach, California.
  • What their best ODTUG Kscope moment has been.

Who are these august few?  People just like you, that’s who.

Who do I mean?

Check out the responses to Mike’s questions.  The passion for Kscope11 runs deep and swift.  If you were on the fence re coming to KScope 2011, I’ll bet a read of one or two of the above ought to push you over onto the side of signing up right now, before the 25 March 2011 deadline for the Early Bird Registration.  

I know I’ll see you there this year.  :)

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