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18 March 2011

My name isn’t Chicken Little

Nor is it Henny Penny, Cocky Lockey, Ducky Lucky, Drakey Lakey, Turkey Lurkey, or Goosey Loosey and it definitely isn’t Foxy Loxy.  And no, overwork hasn’t landed me in the looney gooney bin yet.  But there is a metaphorical sky, and it’s falling right down on your head if you haven’t signed up for KScope 2011.

But you better hurry up

Why?  The Early Bird registration ends in just a few short days, at the end of the 25th of March, to be exact.  Miss that date and you are forgoing a lot of savings.

How much money can you save?  

Early Bird Registration Rates-Ends March 25, 2011:
ODTUG Full Member Rate: $1,400
Non-Member Rate: $1,550

Advanced Registration Rates-March 26-June 9, 2011:
ODTUG Full Member Rate: $1,700
Non-Member Rate: $1,850

Standard Registration Rates-After June 9, 2011:
ODTUG Full Member Rate: $1,950
Non-Member Rate: $2,100

Let’s review the math

If you sign up before 26 March, you save:  $550.00.

If you sign up before 10 June, you save:  $250.00.

If you sign up after 10 June, you save:  zip, zero, zilch.  Bummer, but you did procrastinate, didn’t you?

Quit your lollygagging

You know (oh, if you’ve been reading my blog at all, you know) that KScope 2011 is the best conference for Oracle EPM content ever, so I will not reiterate the symposiums, panels, presentations, social events, exhibitors, and entertainment that make KScope 2011 the ne plus ultra of “Hyperion” conferences.

And, since you know that, I don’t doubt for one moment that you already have that credit card/P.O./check/fistful of dollars/bag full of sovereigns ready to plunk down on the barrelhead and save, save, save.  Here’s the link for registration.  Git goin’!

I can’t wait to see you there, with pockets a-flush with all the money you saved.  :)

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