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08 March 2011

Stupid Programming Tricks #7

The Warning Before the Introduction Along With An Advertisement

Is it bad to start off a blog post with a recommendation to not read that very same blog post?  Oh well, here goes:  If you use Calc Manager in Planning this post is a complete waste of time as you have already figured all of this out. 

May I suggest spending your time doing something more constructive, like thinking about how you are going to go to the most awesome Oracle EPM conference in the whole wide world, i.e., ODTUG KScope, and see over 100 EPM and BI presentations, experience seven half day labs, attend multiple symposiums, party like a crazy EPM geek at Monday Night Madness, drink deeply of the Functional and Technical content, and oh yeah, visit http://www.kscope11.com/biepm for more information.  Hmm, that wasn’t very subtle.  I wonder who inspired me to write this?

For the rest of us, no one should spend the 30 minutes I did trying to figure this out.  The Happy Few still ought to contemplate the awesomeness that is ODTUG Kaleidoscope.


With that preamble out of the way, for those of you who know and love EAS (is there anyone who *loves* EAS?) also know that EAS' days are numbered.  How many that may be is up to Oracle product management, but it's time to at least think about moving on down the road.

EAS and Hyperion Business Rules

With that thought (the wordplay is breathtaking) in mind, I was playing around (no life at work here but I know I'm not the only one) with Calculation Manager and was wondering -- where does security get assigned in Calc Manager for Planning?  How do I give the Planner John Q. Public access to a particular Business Rule?

For those of you who don't use EAS/traditional HBRs, security assigns look like:

To show the above, I right clicked on the HBR "ClrFinal", opened up the rule, clicked on the tab Access Privileges, and then clicked on Add to grant one of the many, many, many users in my VM.

Calculation Manager

That's fine, but where on earth do you do it in Calc Manager?  It can't be in EAS because that's the whole (well one of the) point.  Business rules aren't in EAS, they're kind of, sort of part of Workspace.
Well, when I go into Workspace, and then go to Calc Manager, security is AWOL:

Don't get fooled by that Change Owner -- that does just what it says and has nothing to do with Planner John Q. Public being able to run a rule.

So how do you do you assign access?

First, deploy the rule (you do not need to be using the Devil's Own, aka EPMA to do this as Calc Manager has its own deployment functionality) to the Planning application.

Secondly, go into Planning as an administrator and click on the Administration menu.  Do you see it?

I hope so, I highlighted it in red.  :)

Is this menu choice in Planning in non-Calc Manager Planning apps?  Nope.

Okay, going back to Calc Manager-enabled Planning apps.  Select Business Rule Security:

This is beginning to look familiar.  Select the business rule (maddeningly, just like forms, you cannot select multiple rules) and then click on the "Assign Access" button.

You will then see the standard access assign dialog box that you know and love for member security, forms, etc.

If you click on "Add Access" you will note that there are only two actions a Planner can make -- Launch or No Launch.  You don't see anything here because in Calc Manager, admins can't have access to a Calc Manager rule, just like they can't have access to a form -- they are above security.  This is at least consistent with the way Planning works for other objects and a big improvement over HBR’s crazy you-can-write-the-rule-but-not-launch-or-validate-it-till-you-give-yourself-rights-to-it model.

To my point about the oddness that was once known as Hyperion Allocations Manager, aka, HAM, this is different than EAS' HBR security, which can assign validation/launch and modify access.

So where is the provisioning for modifying the rule?  It's driven by Shared Services roles.

Phew, a lot of writing for a very simple thing.  But I've saved you 1/2 hour of your life, so you owe me.


P.S.  Extra credit, and again, if you use Calc Manager you already know this one -- did anyone catch the weird thing about the screenshot for assigning security access in Planning versus the HBRs available in Calc Manager?  This is a fairly well known bug as documented here:  http://forums.oracle.com/forums/thread.jspa?messageID=6685183&#6685183  No, I have not patched my VM to fix this.

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