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23 September 2014

Once more unto the ODTUG breach

I’m asking for your ODTUG support

Again I come to you (and for the last, term-limited time) to continue your work on the ODTUG Board of Directors.

As a Director, in the last two years I’ve:
  • Waved the ODTUG flag in New Zealand and Australia
  • Been heavily involved in EPM Kscope13 and Kscope14 content selection
  • Recruited volunteers to manage Kscope’s training lab Cloud infrastructure
  • As always, blogged, tweeted, and cheerleaded about the best Oracle user group there is
  • Set the vision for the EPM community initiatives, recruited volunteers, and begun the grassroots transformation

ODTUG’s community initiatives are your user group’s way to increase your participation, hear your voice, and help drive ODTUG in the direction you need.  I am leading the EPM community initiatives and with the help of some incredibly talented volunteers, people just like you, we will change ODTUG for the better.  That work has just begun but you will soon see the impact at Kscope15, in social media, and at local meetups all over the country, all with the goal of making ODTUG reflect your professional Oralce needs.

I’m asking you to return me to the ODTUG Board of Directors for the final time so I can finish the great work you and I have begun.

Biographical Sketch

In case you don’t know who I am (although I have to wonder about that given that you are reading this off of my blog), here is my professional summary.

I first worked with OLAP technology in the dinosaur days of Comshare’s System W and saw the Essbase light in 1993.  

Since that life-altering event, I:
  • Introduced what was then Arbor Software’s Essbase to Johnson & Johnson Corporate
  • Independently consulted since 1996, with a brief foray into working for consulting companies
  • Created solutions for customers using Oracle’s Essbase, Planning, and anything else that ties to those two products
  • With the help of 12 of his closest friends, wrote the only advanced Essbase book
  • Actively post on OTN’s and Network54’s Essbase board – sharing knowledge makes my day interesting
  • Presented at multiple conferences including Hyperion Solutions, Oracle Open World, and of course Kscope
  • Taught multiple formal classes and webinars
  • Served on the ODTUG Hyperion SIG
  • Have been an Oracle ACE since November 2010 and an ACE Director as of August 2012

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more

ODTUG is your user group.  The whole purpose of a user group is that it serves the users.  All of us on the ODTUG board of directors do that to the best of our abilities.   

I like to think that I’ve served you (I do style myself yr. obt. svt. on purpose) during my two terms through my advocacy, dedication, and passion for you, ODTUG’s members, in what is surely the best Oracle user group ever.  

I am asking for your vote to continue this work one more time.  The EPM community initiatives are just getting up a full head of steam and I think I am best suited to seeing that they are firmly established.  Please help me do so by reelecting me.

Be seeing you.

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