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24 September 2013

Oracle OpenWorld 2013, day 3

Continuing the coverage, with a break in the beginning

No, I did not sleep in, nor did I over imbibe last night (for the record a glass of soy milk and a cup of tea – I am so boring), but instead I went to the Oracle Publishers Seminar, courtesy of the Oracle Publishers Program.  And I got into that because of OTN’s Oracle ACE program.  Whew.  

Did I actually do anything to deserve being there?  I did, so long as one remembers that I had 12 coauthors and editors that all helped make Developing Essbase Applications possible.  I guess since during the writing of that book I whined the most I get to attend sessions like this.  All kidding aside, because the ACE program got me access to Oracle’s Publishers Program, I was able to be the editor in chief of DEA and that’s really the reason I was there.  

I’d love to tell you more about it, but all of the cool product futures are under NDA.  I did get some very pointed suggestions re books about Business Analytics and I hope to incorporate at least some of them within the second edition of DEA.

What’s New and What’s Coming: Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Planning Suite – InterContinental - InterContinental Ballroom C

Shankar Viswanathan - Director, Product Management, Oracle
Lots of cool stuff coming in Planning.  The highlights are, in outline format and please note that while this is not NDA’d always, always, always KNOW THAT FUTURE FEATURES MIGHT HAPPEN AND THEN AGAIN, MIGHT NOT.  In other words, everything Oracle stated was under safe harbor, i.e., they are thinking about this stuff BUT NO PROMISES and what they present MAY NOT MAKE IT TO THE PRODUCT and the performance MAY NOT COME CLOSE TO WHAT IS PRESENTED.  Are you getting this?  Don’t make buying decisions on future items unless Oracle tell you otherwise.  This blog would not be the place I would risk the price of a cup of coffee.  And I wrote it.  With those hopefully strong enough caveats and qualifications here’s what’s coming in Planning :
What’s new/roadmap
  • PBCS
  • Planning mobile
  • EPM mobile approvals
  • UI & usability improvements
Post 12 months
  • Cloud module
    • Continued ease of use
    • PFP and PSPB in PBCS
  • Analytics from Planning
    • OBIEE Reporting integration
    • Tighter FR integration
  • Missing
    • Full data copy for ASO to BSO and vice versa including relational functionality
    • Trickle feed
    • Sandboxing
  • Out of box contents
    • WFP will be more global
    • Functional starter kit to help kick start projects
  • Enterprise planning
    • EBS Projects integration with PFP
    • Primavera P6 with PFP (not sure about that last bit)
  • Cloud
    • Planning on Oracle public cloud
      • Pure SAAS deployment
    • No need to maintain it
    • Much faster implementation cycles
  • Application diagnostics
    • Diagnose design before rollout
    • Show warnings and errors to make performance efficient
    • Runs on entire app or selected bits
    • Good design practices at design time but in an automated fashion
    • Bad things blocked at run time
    • What’s monitored/blocked/governed
      • Dimensions
      • Business rules, in forms and standalone
      • Forms
      • Planning Units
      • Map Reporting
  • Planning Mobile
    • Mobile browser
    • Optimized for mobile
    • Key end user functionality
  • Smart View for Win 8 Pro
    • Office 2007-2013
    • HSF and SV for Planning

Don’t forget:  NONE of the above may happen.  Or all of it might.  Then again, maybe not.  There’s no way to tell and even Oracle don’t know what might or might not really get delivered.  So if you make a single strategic decision based on what I wrote above…well, you’re even dumber than I am.  Which is saying something.  So take the above with a huge grain of salt and a very general guide to future direction.  And enjoy.

Oracle Business Intelligence Product and Technology Roadmap

Paul Rodwick - VP, Product Management, Oracle;
It’s interesting, or maybe I should write it isn’t so surprising (which, I grant you, is sort of the opposite of interesting) that so many of these slides are the same.  Not a criticism of Oracle but more like presentation proof that the EPM and BI world are merging.  

I think I love it.

Developing Essbase Applications on sale at OpenWorld

OpenWorld runs a bookshop with a focus, not terribly surprisingly, on all things Oracle.

My (and 12 other Happy Few) baby was here.  Glenn MMIC Schwartzberg was kind enough to take a picture of me holding it in the bookstore.  Yes, I was lucky enough to be in the photo, but the responsible parties are:
  • Dave Anderson
  • Joe Aultman
  • John Booth
  • Gary Crisci
  • Natalie Delemar
  • Dave Farnsworth
  • Mike Nader
  • Dan Pressman
  • Robb Salzmann
  • Tim Tow
  • Jake Turrell
  • Angie Wilcox
  • Yr. Obdnt. Srvnt.

With no false humility I can say that this was a group project.  Each and every one of the above list are responsible for the success of our book.

I will blog post OpenWorld something about the sales of our book and maybe give some insight (and solicit your input) on what the second edition might include.

Essbase/EPM Meetup

7:00 to 10 pm
Here’s all you need to know:  

It was a blast, I got to bore Essbase product management to death and who knows, one or two of my whines/ideas/rants might get into the product and oh yeah, you should have been there.  It was a lot of fun meeting old friends and making new ones.  

Here’s some idea of what happened through the miracle of my profoundly poor picture taking skills.

Be seeing you.  Maybe at the 3rd Annual Tim and Cameron’s EPM Meetup?

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