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21 March 2012

It’s not too late but it almost is

The set up

I know you’re all coming to KScope12, right?  Right.

Why?  Simply because it is the best combination of deep technical content, training, and networking the Oracle world has ever seen.  (Some call me biased, I call myself well informed, at least on this particular topic.)  I hear the parties are pretty good, too.

What, you’re coming to KScope12 and you haven’t signed up yet?  For shame.  
The horrible, horrible shame
The real shame is, by not signing up BEFORE
26 March 2012, you will have to pay an extra $300.

Who would want to do that?  No one I know.  C’mon, if you’ve got an extra $300, give it to me.  :)

The resolution where you, the hero of our story, are fully redeemed (and quite a bit richer)

Big secret – use my buddy/mentor/geek idol Tim Tow’s company code, AOLAP, and get another $100 off this week.  That’s $400 off the list price.  

Now are you going to sign up?  I hope so.  $400 is not exactly chump change and like I said, if you feel like $400 is insignificant to your pocketbook, take advantage of the early bird sign up and send me the dough, moolah, cabbage, dosh, etc.

As you’re all too smart for that, I’ll expect you’ll simply save yourself the unnecessary expense and enjoy Kscope12 that much more.  See you in San Antonio!

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