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25 June 2017

Kscope17, day 0

No, not Year 0, but the day before Kscope proper kicks off.
How I wish I could tell you what Oracle has told us.
But I can’t.  Seriously, Oracle embargoed us on Tweeting, blogging, etc. about what they discuss, reveal, and review.  Does that stop Yr. Obt. Svt.?  Yes.  Does it stop others?  No.  You’ll have to decide who is the wiser.

But what you can do is follow me on Twitter as I retweet others.  I think this means that I am an accomplice after the fact which, were this a court of law (I am an unbelievably huge fan of The Sweeny if you’re looking for a good police procedural), that would be enough to send me off to hard porridge.  As I’m not before the bar, I’m going to throw myself on the mercy of the Oracle court.

Follow me on @CameronLackpour to get the latest.  I’ll do my best to update this blog as the day goes on but it’s difficult to keep up.  Also, as I become more and more sleep deprived not only will the quality of these posts decrease but the delay between X happened and I report it even in the same day becomes more and more unlikely.

So that’s an incentive for you to follow these daily posts.  Or not.

So what have you managed to accomplish today?

Attend the Sunday symposiums.  How, how, how I’d like to be able to literally split myself between the Dodeca symposium, the EPM symposium, and the Essbase symposium and the room is packed.  As you can see, it's not just Standing Room Only but there are people sitting on the floor.

The latter is where I am right now.  As Tim German and I are presenting on Essbase cloud on Tuesday, I am happy to see that we haven’t as yet (only halfway through Gabby Rubin’s session) gotten anything wrong.

Stick around

The best is yet to come.  I’ll update as possible.

Be seeing you,

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