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04 July 2016

Kscope16 in snaps, part 1

Trying to do this in a different fashion, part 1 of I don’t know

I promised, and failed, to update my live blogging of Kscope16 but it’s not hard to see that didn’t happen.  Sorry.  Having said that, if you follow me on Twitter on @CameronLackpour you will have had a geekseye view of just the most amazing conference.  It’s not that I don’t love blogging, because I do, but I’ve moved towards Twitter because it’s so immediate and thus gives you, Best & Brightest, a chance to almost be there.  I’ve taken picture after picture and even livestreamed via Periscope. I am like a Tweener with a social media addiction.  Except I’m older.

With that in mind, and because I am soooo tired, I’m going to try to tell my story via snapshots.  I hope you’re on a fast connection because there a many, many, many pictures.  As I wrote above, a social media junkie.

As noted in the title, I’m not going to know just now how many posts this is going to take.  I have a lot of pictures.

NB -- Some, but only some, of these pictures are repeats from my previous posts.  As I wrote, I'm trying to give you a comprehensive feel for the conference.  I've also stolen conference pictures off of Twitter.  I'll do my very best to give attribution.

If one picture is worth a thousand words, then this post is valued at 10,000

Boarding at beautiful PHL


A room with a view

Tim German rehearsing our EssCS presentation on Saturday, o’dark 30

My partner Jessica Cordova at the Kscope16 volunteer day breakfast

Jennifer Anderson and Opal Alapat laughing at Yet Another Dan Pressman Joke

Moderately Completely insane fellow volunteer gardeners

Tim German and Opal Alapat kicking off the Sunday Symposium

My heart rate at the beginning of the conference

It’s already started its uptick and will get far, far, far worse.  Stress or fun?  When I get enough sleep and am not too tightly wound up (65 heart rate = major project deliverable) my resting rate is around 60.  See, working out is good for you.  Kscope on the other hand...

Jason Jones rehearsing our PBCS presentation Saturday afternoon

Sunday night Chicago meetup

The end for now

I’ve taken you through Sunday night.  Are you tired yet?  I was.


Opal said...

Hahahaha. Heart rate statistics! I love it!

Dayalan Punniyamoorthy Blog said...

Thanks for sharing, this gives a hint and boost to attend next year Kscope :-)