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18 December 2015

The Compleat Idiot's Guide to PBCS, No. 2. – Philip Hulsebosch's blog

Yeah, I’m stealing the content

Well, not really, more like giving a little publicity to a blog that most of this particular blog’s readers do not read.  

It’s by Philip Hulsebosch.  For those of you who don’t know Philip, he’s an accomplished EPM practitioner who has presented multiple times at Kscope as well as a prolific writer of white papers.

For some odd reason (Dear non-anglophone readers, please enjoy the following example of cultural arrogance) this blog is written in German instead of English.  Given that my German mostly consists of types of beers and descriptions of delicious meat dishes, I have been happy to turn to Google translate to get a rather good account of Philip has been up to.  

For the record, I understand that people not in the States speak other languages.  Once upon a time, even yr. obt. svt. could speak Vlaams.  Disuse has ended whatever I could communicate in something other than English.  Although some would argue that even my native tounge isn't something I've really mastered.

For those of you who are not fully monolingual, here’s Philip’s post in the original German:

And here it is in the Queen’s English:

Or to shorten that:  PBCS for a week.

What’s it all about, Alfie?

Do I have to put in that Michael Caine reference again?  Just listen to Cilla Black sing.  What a fantastic movie.  But I digress.  Again.

Moving beyond British movies from the 1960s, Philip covers:
  • Data center location
  • Planning user roles
  • Reports
  • Data export (quite a bit on this)

What I particularly like about Philip’s approach is that he is coming at these functions as someone who has experience in on-premises Planning but is a Cloud n00b.  Sort of just like me and perhaps you as well.

I have high hopes for many more posts from Philip.  You should too.

Be seeing you.


Philip Hulsebosch said...

Thank you, Cameron, for the publicity of the blog. First, I have to add that I do this blog together with my friend Michael Schmidt, a contractor in Essbase and Planning like me.
We are sharing the workload and check each others content on accuracy, inspire and discuss solutions. As you know, keeping a blog interesting, up-to-date and correct is quite some work.

We are both often in the field and busy at customers, but also want to share our experience and knowledge about the cool products and how they are applied.

We write in German, to reach users who enjoy reading in German in their spare time. From our experience, many of those we want to inform in Germany, Austria and Switzerland prefer reading in their native language. The blog is not just about the technical side of the products, but we also put emphasis on particular European things.
There are already a lot of excellent blogs in English and we did not want to attempt to duplicate those. As you described, there are technical possibilities to translate a website in a few clicks and we see a lot of readers from all over the world finding their way to our blog.
This strengthens our global community for the better.
Philip Hulsebosch

Cameron Lackpour said...


Re the link, I am always happy to share information however I can, especially if someone else does all the work. ;)

I totally understand the German language choice -- if outreach is the goal, there's little point in making it challenging by ignoring someone's native tongue.

As always Philip, it is a pleasure to work with you even if only virtually.


Cameron Lackpour