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03 June 2015

The Kscope15 mobile app is finally here!

I can no longer be called Ned Ludd

You can call me cheap.  Anyone who owns a Motorola Droid 2 for five years must either be a skinflint or in love with obsolescent technology.  I did rather like the physical keyboard but the stupid thing cracked right across its screen and I had to go out and buy a modern phone.  

Other than a thorough review of my inner Scotsman and of course the fact that my friends no longer mock me for having the telephonic equivalent of a Heathkit superheterodyne shortwave radio, the reason you should care is that I can now install the Kscope15 mobile app.  
Everything you’re about to see is on iOS, but it is functionally equivalent over on the other side of the house.

Search for Kscope15 in the app store and you’ll see two entries:  one for the scavenger hunt and the other the conference application.   It’s as simple as tapping the Get button.

Set that password

Once installed, you’ll need to log in.  Of course you don’t have a password, so tap on the “Request a Password” button.
Use the email address you used to register for Kscope15 and tap on Request Password.
You will get an email asking you to confirm your password via a browser link.  This is in Thunderbird, btw.
I cannot tell you how much I prefer this to Outlook.  When I go to a client and have to use their email system and that Gawd-awful interface…shudder.  Enough ranting about UI, ‘cos the Kscope15 app is just ducky.

Ooooh, pretty, isn’t it?

Using the app

Tap on the three bar menu and the Kscope15 world is open to you.
Take a look at events:
View sessions and add them to your schedule:
See if your friends or enemies are at the conference, hopefully the former:
And see my old son’s sessions:
Take a look at the vendors to figure out where you can pick up free swag if for nothing else (surely you go for information, right?):
If you are directionally challenged, there is even a map, not that it will prevent me from getting completely lost a few times:

There’s more, more, more, much more

I encourage you to explore it.  It’s really quite a nice application.

It’s installed on my phone.

Be seeing you at Kscope15.

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