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02 March 2015

Announcing Developing Essbase Applications: Hybrid Techniques and Practices

It’s done, it’s finally done
I am happy to announce that I, my fellow authors, and the many people who helped make this project come to fruition are done, done, done with our book:  Developing Essbase Applications:  Hybrid Techniques and Practices, bar the final proof from Taylor & Francis.
What’s it all about, Alfie
This book shares similarities and differences to the first book:  Developing Essbase Applications:  Advanced Techniques for Finance and IT Professionals.  It mirrors the last book in its multi-author approach, standalone chapters, a wide series of topics, and a gifted circle of authors.  This volume differs in that the subjects really are quite different with one or two exceptions with subsequently different authors, a fewer number of longer and even more in depth chapters, and a professional editor, Katy O'Grady.
The long, hard road
I should note that that writing this book was really hard and consumed huge amounts of our time.  My heartfelt thanks go out to everyone involved including the many who helped review the chapters and of course my fellow authors for volunteering.  I should also note that I thank the many consulting companies that allowed the authors to contribute to this independent project.  It is incredibly gratifying to see fierce competitors put aside their commercial interests to help drive the EPM and BI communities forward.
The importance of being Essbase
I think this book will be just as important as the last -- we cover subjects at a level and scope that is not duplicated elsewhere by an unrivalled collection of experts.  I will note that two ACE DIrectors, two ACEs, and the balance of authors who really ought to be ACEs contributed to this work.
When can you buy it?
The publication of the book will not coincide with Kscope15.  As much as we all would have liked this, the book's publication is more complicated than the last, not least in the number of tables, color figures, footnotes, and formatting.  Hybrid will be published to coincide with OpenWorld 2015.
Chapter and verse
With all of that as prelude, here are the chapters and writers.:
Developing Essbase Applications:  Hybrid Techniques and Practices
Chapter 1: Essbase on Exalytics and the “Secret “Sauce” -- John Booth
Chapter 2: Hybrid Essbase: Evolution or Revolution? -- Tim German and Cameron Lackpour
Chapter 3: The Young Person’s Guide to Essbase Cube Design -- Martin Neulip
Chapter 4: Essbase Performance and Load Testing-- Tim German
Chapter 5: Utilizing SQL to Enhance Your Essbase Experience -- Glenn Schwartzberg
Chapter 6: Copernicus was Right: Integrating Oracle Business Intelligence and Essbase -- Mike Nader
Chapter 7: Managing Spreadsheets (and Essbase) through Dodeca -- Cameron Lackpour
Chapter 8: Smart View Your Way -- William Hodges
The news and nothing but
You will see a blog posts on the book as we make progress as a Twitter campaign by the authors with the hashtag #DevelopingEssbase.

I am now done with the marketing of this book and look forward to returning to my regular schedule of technical Stupid Tricks.

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