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17 January 2015

Kickoff to Kscope15

Starting off with an apology

I have an old smart phone.  Like five years old.  And it’s breaking apart, piece by piece.  Droid2s are no longer thick on the ground, and once you see the fairly horrible pictures of a really nice hotel and convention center, you’ll understand what I mean.  

Where oh where oh where are you?

I’m glad you asked as I am at one of the two ODTUG board of directors in-person meetings.  ODTUG does this twice a year – once in January and again before Kscope.  

At the January meeting, we get to see for the first time (unless a director is on the conference location committee) where the upcoming Kscope will be held.

Diplomat Resort & Spa, Hollywood, Florida

This place is, in a word, spectacular.  I don’t believe Kscope has ever been in such a nice place.  

Unfortunately, what you are about to see really, really, really doesn’t do the place justice.

Here’s the lobby.  Take the almost-impressionist snapshot and multiple it’s awesomeness by 1000%.

Mary Cassatt, eat your heart out.

Continuing the o-m-g what is theme, here’s the gym.  They like blue.  It is pretty amazing looking.

And lastly, something that is actually relevant to you, oh potential Kscope attendee – a breakout room.  They’re really nicely laid out.  Hopefully not so laid out that you stare at the walls or ceiling in an architecturally induced stupor of delight.  That’s what the speaker is supposed to do with his presentation.

South Florida meetup/ODTUG kickoff

The South Florida meetup, led by Kris Callabro and Jessica Cordova, combined their second meetup with our kickoff to Kscope15.  Thank you all for coming.

From the left, you see Natalie Delemar as moderator, yr. obt. svt., Tim Tow, ODTUG President Monty Latiolas, Mike Riley, and Mia Urman.  David Schleis is not visible but he too moderated.

I think we answered some questions right.  Maybe.

The end and a question

It really is a spectacular resort and it will be a really spectacular conference.  I hope to see you there.

And now a question:  given that I own a smartphone old enough to be powered by coal and steam driven, what kind of phone would you recommend.  My only qualification is that it must be available for purchase in the States.

Be seeing you.


Jessica Cordova said...

The Samsung Galaxy 5. No bugs, durable and most importantly a built-in professinal high definition camera.

Cameron Lackpour said...


Thanks for the recommendation. I'll have to go check it out, and soon.


kw said...


There's a $4.99 apo called Start8 that makes Win 8 bearable.