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29 December 2014

Getting close

Here I am again, doing the same old thing

Yes, another blog post on The Book.  And yes, another tease post.  Once we (note how I am not saying who “we” are) get all of our drafts to the editor and the copy editing process begins, I’ll spill the beans on what this is all about.

I finished my draft at 1:43 am this morning and sent it over to Tim German for his contribution.  It should be a really good chapter all about the subject of this blog.

In the meantime, thank your lucky stars you aren’t doing this, happily this time without cats:

That’s the same dining room, only marginally less messy, and me again working on a paper draft.  I do lots of editing in Word, but that final review has to be on paper.

In addition to my literary output, there is a jar of what promises to be delicious sauerkraut next to me.  I’m not totally sure why that is on the dining room table and not the pantry but in my current state of sleeplessness anything is possible.

For the record, I’m at 14,599 words for the first chapter and 13,948 words for the one I just finished.  That’s novella length.  I am trying not to think about how many hours I, and a bunch of other talented-yet-stupid-for-doing-this people have put into the project.  I reckon I’ve invested 500 to 700 hours – after a while, who bothers counting?

What’s next?

Sleep?  Probably not.

As far as this blog is concerned, I’ll be doing a This Was The Year That Was review sometime next week.  This has been a banner year for the blog although of necessity my posts have diminished with all of the writing I’ve been doing.  

Be seeing you in the new year.

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Chris R said...

We're looking forward to the new book Cameron!