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06 October 2014

Two Calc Man and ASO Essbase webinars in one

Use Calc Man and ASO?  Then you should watch us

What you’ll see is a fairly rare multiple consulting company (Ludovic and Paul work for TopDown Consulting, I work for me) webinar.  I like to think I inspire an ecumenical atmosphere amongst competing firms but probably I am a threat to no one, so companies allow their consultants to work with me.  See, weakness can be strength.

What you’ll also see, and why you’ll care about this webinar, is the distillation of our respective Kscope14 presentations on how to get the most out of Calc Man and ASO databases.  Ludovic and Paul presented on this at Kscope14 (alas, I got to attend exactly two presentations that weren’t my own and I think one of my sessions coincided with theirs),  the bit I’m presenting is a part of the ASO Planning: Don’t Do That, Do This presentation I gave with Tim German of Qubix International at Kscope14.

The really interesting stuff

As I read through Ludovic and Paul’s slides, I realized that they came up:
  • A good overview of Calc Man and ASO Essbase
  • A review of what’s right and wrong with Calc Man and ASO Essbase
  • A really cool hack to run Calc Man rules to get round these problems

I’m contributing my hack (what good is a presentation if you don’t get a few completely unsupported yet effective hacks?) on getting round the non-empty issue with ASO calculations.  I should mention that I learnt about this from Joe Watkins although it turns out that Steve Liebermensch has been spreading this technique since the Year Dot.  Which I have apparently missed since the Year Dot.

I have high hopes for a guest blog by Ludovic and Paul as they combine their hack with mine to really and truly get round ASO procedural calc issues.  I think it will be like peanut butter and chocolate. This webinar won't be half-bad either.

And how to get it

Click on the description below, click right here, just click and sign up.

Be seeing you tomorrow, 12 pm Eastern.

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