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16 June 2014

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Symposiums at the smokin’ ODTUG Kscope14


You have to be of a certain age (middle) and have a certain interest (cars) and it likely doesn’t hurt to have roots in a certain place (the Midwest) to know this man and this sound and this place.  At least click on the sound link – so cool.

What, gasser racing isn’t your thing?  Hard to believe but I am told it is true.  And it all happened on Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

What’s your Sunday?

If you are at ODTUG Kscope14, I daresay you’ll be at the Sunday Symposiums, where we get to hear, direct from Oracle, where the products we use are going.  If the past is prologue to the future, I can say that what gets announced on Sunday is the early jump on what Oracle will be announcing at Oracle Open World. That’s pretty cool – Oracle use Kscope as the preview venue, not their own conference.  We are insanely lucky.

Who will be speaking, and on what?

Oh, just a few topics:
  • Apex – Joel Kallman, Patrick Wolf, Marc Sewtz, David Peake, Shakeeb Rahman, Jason Straub
  • ADF – Geoff Poremba, Shay Shmeltzer, Joe Huang, Doug Clarke
  • Business Intelligence – Stewart Bryson (the first non-Oracle employee on this list), Richard Tomlinson, Mike Durran, Matt Millela (Matt, you’ve left us EPMers!)
    • As this is actually something I sort of tangentially do, I should note that the always entertaining Matt will be speaking on Oracle BI Mobile
  • Database and Developer’s Toolkit – Kris Rice, Steven Fuerenstein, Mark Drake, Jeff Smith, Kuassi Menshah
  • EPM (This is going to be more in depth because this is what Essbase hackers really care about.)
    • Matt Bradley – EPM Strategy and Interactive Keynote
    • Rich Wilkie and Al Marciante – Financial Close Suite
    • Mitch Campbell – Reporting
    • Robert Peel and Al Marciante – DRM
    • Mike Case and Rich Wilkie – FDMEE
    • Gabby Rubin and Steve Liebermensch – Essbase
    • Matt Millela – Smart View (Matt, you didn’t leave us)
  • EPM Business Content
    • Gary Crisci and Ron Dimon – The ROI of EPM as a Management Process
    • Michael Heukels – The Current State of Affairs in Financial Planning
    • Mike Nader and Dave Collins – Driving the Future of Strategic Planning
    • Rich Wilkie – Streamlining the Financial Close

Don’t you wish there were more than one of you?

I wouldn’t inflict two Camerons on the world, but I do sort of wish I could bounce back and forth between the EPM, Business Intelligence, and EPM Business Content symposiums.  As always with Kscope we are spoilt for choice.  Alas, I cannot be in two places at once, but I sure wish I could.

The Sunday Symposiums are likely worth the price of admission all on their own.  I think overall Kscope is fantastic value for money and Sunday is just the icing on the cake.

If you are not coming this year, I have to wonder why and hope to see you next year.

Be seeing you.

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