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24 June 2013

Kscope13, day 0


Sundays at Kscope are always Symposium day.  I understand that there are multiple other Symposiums, one for each track.  Of course, being an Essbase geek, the only thing I care about is EPM, and here I am, sitting in the EPM Symposium, listening to Oracle management talk about the latest and greatest in the EPM space.

And the content is…

Sorry, can’t tell you.  That’s the deal – come to the symposium, do NOT blog about what you hear.  Safe harbor statements abound (so they’re going to tell us the future, but reserve the right to change their collective Oracle mind) as well as requests to NOT take photographs, NOT blog about what we learn.  Those are the rules.

So that means if you aren’t at Kscope13, you don’t know what is coming in the EPM space.  And I’m not (I cannot) tell you.  Stinks, doesn’t it?  The way to solve this is to come to Kscope14, and every year thereafter.  That’s my plan for career futures.  :)

What I can tell you is there is some very interesting news about Essbase.  It’s stuff we have all wanted for a long time.  Again, sorry if you are not at Kscope but we attendees are not allowed to tell you more about it per Oracle’s request.  So yes, a big, big tease.

And some very interesting news about Planning.  I have wanted this functionality for approximately forever, or at least since 2002 (ah, Planning 1.5, or maybe 1.1 – I no longer remember but oh my goodness you were buggy).  Alas, I again cannot tell you much of anything.  In fact nothing.


Are you gathering that Kscope gives you information that you cannot get anywhere else?  This is important stuff that defines the future of what we do and no other user conference delivers this information.

The brutal sadist in me sort of enjoys telling you that there is all sorts of cool stuff on offer at the Sunday symposium.  The caring nurturing inner Cameron wishes you were here.  Square the circle, bind the wound, cut the Gordian knot, for goodness’ sakes stop me from tortured metaphors and just make sure you are here next year at Kscope14 so I don’t have to keep on telling you about all the cool things I (and everyone else at Kscope13) know, and you don’t.  See, I really am the caring, nurturing sort.

Be seeing you at Kscope13 (oh, we happy few) and Kscope14.

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