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06 May 2013

A very different kind of ODTUG webinar

Marketing introduction

The ODTUG virtual panel series goes from strength to strength. (What, marketing? You promised me a rose garden a marketing-free blog.   Yes, but this isn't marketing for me, so relax. My self-marketing ineptitude continues apace.)
Stuff you actually care about goes right here
What do I mean? None other than Chet Justice, aka ORACLENERD is moderating an ODTUG virtual panel in the form of a webinar.

Wait, ODUTG , virtual panels, ORACLENERD? Is Essbase involved somehow?   No.   Cameron, is it time to get some sleep? Why yes it is, but before I hit the hay, let me pull it all together:
  1. ODTUG is having another one of their successful-beyond-our-dreams virtual panels
  2. Chet is the moderator
  3. The speakers are: Cary Millsap, Dominic Delmolino, and Kris Rice.
  4. The webinar's subject is "Software Development in the Oracle Eco-System". Essbase is absent, but so what?
  5. The time and date are Thursday, May 30, 2013 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM EDST

See here: https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/759087318

Where's the beef?
Okay, that's all very interesting but why should a bunch of (mostly, or maybe exclusively if you're reading this blog) EPM people attend a webinar on something that is pretty obviously not EPM-related?
  1. Because these guys are good.   I heard Cary speak last year at the Kscope12 keynote.   Did you?   He was fantastic.   Inspirational even.   I don't know the other speakers (blush, my EPM-centricity shows yet again) but I have a sneaking suspicion they are really, really, really, insightful speakers.
  2. They are covering a subject (development, its frustrations and triumphs, and how to have more of the latter than the former) that all of us, each and every one, do to some extent or another.   Isn't the point of ODTUG to find learn from others and occasionally share something with them?   That's pretty much why I'm involved.   Here is your chance to do that with some Really Big Names in the Oracle world.
  3. It's free.   Think about how much you would pay to get trained by these guys.   Yeah, I couldn't afford it either.
What a nice way to end an undoubtedly hectic week.

I guess that's it, and it ought to be enough. I'm signed up. Are you?

For more gen
If you want to get a feel for them, check out their blogs.

There is some really good stuff there -- I love it (not that I ever do it myself) when geeks muse about why they do something as opposed to how although of course the how is important too.   I think this webinar/panel will be in that vein and I am really looking forward to it.

Be seeing (listening to because remember, this is a panel and you can participate?) you on 3 pm EDST, 30 May 2013. 

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