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31 July 2012

100 posts and Essbase Hacker now available on Twitter

Is that 99 bottles of beer or 99 posts?

99 posts, actually, although some of them made me want to consume 99 bottles of beer all at the same time because they were so painful to write.

So what that means is that this is my 100th post.  Good grief, do I have that much to say?  Do I take that much time to write what I think?  Have I not posted any pictures of The Most Awesome Cat in the Entire World?  Yes to all three.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the work thus far – it is a labor of love for me because sometimes, depending on the topic, it takes me forever and a day to write an idea up.  Generating the ideas is easy, executing not so much, so I suppose this is in line with the rest of reality.  I will say that I have learnt a LOT from the writing of the posts as I struggle to make my ideas come through and I even sometimes get to use them at clients.  So it’s both a form of training (I am selfish) and giving back to the Oracle EPM community (I am generous).  Note my Janus-like personality (or is that Two Face?).  What would one of these blog posts be without multiple references to almost-completely irrelevant trivia?  Not one of my blog posts, I suppose.

In any case, there’s a lot more relevant information to come.  I have some really interesting and cool hacks up my EPM sleeve and I hope you’ll share them with me.

Twitter?  You?  Really?

Yes, it’s true, after years of resisting the temptation I have gone over and started a Twitter account.  Follow me (if I have this new-fangled social media jargon just right) here.  Why?  I spend a fair amount of time on the boards and blogs and come across many interesting posts (sometimes they’re even mine) that I want to share to World + Dog but they’re too short for a blog post.  Twitter seems to be the logical way to get that information out.  

You need not worry, no pictures of my favorite hiking trails, The Most Awesome Cat in the Entire World, or thoughts on the life-sustaining aspects of amazingly good coffee (okay, maybe the last).  This will be strictly EPM-related stuff and, if you look over to the right of this post, the five latest posts will be available via this blog.

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