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21 May 2012

Kscope12 session highlight No. 1


This week I’m going to try something new – daily blog posts where I highlight a session or two at Kscope12 that I think you ought to know about.  You are going, right?  ODTUG’s KScope is, at least in my mind, really the best educational opportunity there ever has been for Oracle EPM.  Nowhere else can you find an august gaggle of Oracle EPM geeks like you can at KScope.  Yes, that is somewhat tortured sentence structure but it’s true, every word of it.  And to prove it, I’m going to give you (well, you aren’t exactly paying for it, right?) five days of Kscope awesomeness.  Enjoy.

Without further preamble, let’s dive right into the first session I’m going to highlight, Jake Turrell’s session on Running Hyperion Planning on Your Laptop.

Can it be done?  Oh yes it can.

So those of you who have read my whines/insane rants/desperate pleas for help on running 11.1.2.x on a laptop know that I’ve gone to the Amazon Web Services cloud for my EPM jollies and really, it works just fine.  But of course I’m (hey, how big do you think the mighty CL Solve is?  And who exactly is that “CL” guy?) paying for computing time and storage.  I was a happy VMWare user in the 11.1.1.x world but had to abandon it when 11.1.2.x came out because of memory constraints.  Don’t believe me?  Just read through my blog and you can see this subject has…interested me.  Maybe frustrated immensely is a better way of describing it.

In a perfect world, I would have the choice of switching between AWS (which really is pretty awesome and is how the Kscope EPM labs are being run) when I wanted POWER and my lowly yet thrifty 8 gigabyte (it is hard for someone who started on a VIC-20 to write that but it’s now true) laptop running VMWorkstation the rest of the time.  John Goodwin blazed the trail here and here when he wrote about the EPM compact deployment shortly after it became available on

Why you should go to this session

Jake Turrell has carried the educational  mission further by writing a white paper (I have only seen the white paper, not the presentation) that gives step by step installation instructions so clear, so simple, and so comprehensive that even an infrastructure idiot like yr. obdnt. srvnt. can do an install on his laptop.  This presentation covers everything, from required software to installing VMWare to what binaries to download to configuring each and every component.  

It’s really excellent stuff and I am going to do an install on my laptop after Kscope.  I would do it before but with two presentations of my own to write and rehearse I’m fully booked.  

Jake’s presentation on installations is going to be Important Stuff because it will give us application EPM geeks a leg up on quick installs (it’s not that I don’t enjoy messing about with computers, it’s that I don’t have the time) and because it is a guide even for people installing on something rather larger than a laptop.  I highly recommend Running Hyperion Planning on Your Laptop.


Pedro Soares said...

Hi Cameron,

Will KScope12 sessions be webcasted?

Cameron Lackpour said...


Unfortunately, no. You can download the presentations and whitepapers after the conference but otherwise you have to come to San Antonio to see us live and in person.


Cameron Lackpour