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22 September 2011

Run while you can

It’s that time of year again

ODTUG is looking for nominations for its board of directors but you only have until 28 September 2011.  

As one of the members not up for election this year (see you next year), I was asked to write up why I thought you might want to run for this august group of geeks.  Take a look at the ODTUG blog for my guest post.  You may also want to check out Mike Riley’s slightly more sane post on why he did it and why it might be for you.

If my (not Mike’s) kind of drivel isn’t your cup of tea (But then why oh why are you even reading this?  I will leave that to you to ponder.), at least check out the call for nominations and the nomination guidelines.

If you’re interested, the nomination deadline is next Wednesday, so there isn’t much time.  Don’t let the deadline pass you by if you’re interested.

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