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04 November 2010

Do I look like Sally Field

My name is not Gidget

Not really, no not at all.  And I can’t even surf.  And yes, that is a scary video for me to know about (thank you, Oh Great False God Google) and even more scary for you if you clicked on the link.


Nor do I wear a wimple whilst flying, or at any other time.


But I can say, “You like me, you really like me”.

Not the Academy Awards

I know, more blathering, but that’s just me being bashful about something that you, my adoring/tolerant/frankly bored reading public have done:  elected me a member of the ODTUG board.


All kidding aside, I never thought I would get elected, particularly on the first go round.  I am beyond pleased, humbled, and more than a little scared.


Thank you so much for taking a flier on me.    I hope I don’t disappoint.

Saint Crispin’s Day?

Here are we happy few in the 2011 ODTUG Board of Directors:


  • Mike Riley, Hortica Insurance
  • Tim Tow, Applied OLAP
  • Cameron Lackpour, CLSolve (yr. obdnt. srvnt.)
  • Barbara Morris, Idaho National Laboratory


  • Bambi Price, Park Lane Information Technology
  • John King, King Training Resources
  • Mark Rittman, Rittman Mead Consulting
  • Monty Latiolais, SCGTS

The future and thanks again

It’s often dangerous to make promises if you aren’t sure you can deliver on them.  This may be why I am a semi-successful consultant and not a fan of politicians.  Regardless, getting onto the board was the outcome of an election. 


What I know I can do is to serve you, the Oracle EPM community, and the rest of the Oracle world as best I can.  I am more than open to suggestions and comments.  You can always contact me through LinkedIn. 


I look forward to this – it’s going to be a lot fun.


And thanks for your confidence in me.


Unknown said...

Congratulations Cameron! Couldn't have happened to a nicer chump... uhmm I mean guy.

Anne Sinclair said...

I think you will make a great addition to the ODTUG board.
Bambi Price

Cameron Lackpour said...

Glenn and Bambi,

Thanks to you both for your kind words.

I am really looking forward to this.

Bambi -- It never crossed my mind when we met in 2008 in that New Orleans classroom that I'd be joining you on the board. That volunteer event really was (and is) great and is just one of the many reasons I like ODTUG so much.


Cameron Lackpour

beginning investor said...

no you dont look like Sally

evernote vs onenote said...

no you dont look like sally field