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15 December 2009

ODTUG 2010 is here! (Well, almost, but you can dream, yes?)


Oh joy, oh rapture, it’s finally here.  And you can preview 2010’s schedule here with the proposed speakers.  Enjoy the incredible (Really, it is incredible, and if you’re reading this blog, you will enjoy it.  I promise.) quality and diversity of sessions. 

The sessions are fixed; the speakers assigned are provisional pending their agreement to present.  Speakers – you proposed these presentations, now you have to live up to your promise.  I guess I’m trying to say, the speaker names may change, a little, but hopefully not too much.


How did this amazing schedule happen?

Well, there’s this guy named Edward Roske (who has this blog you may have heard of) the ODTUG Hyperion SIG’s content leader (I think I got that right) who literally worked through the night to put together a draft schedule, and of course the rest of the board that endlessly (or wait, was that me who wouldn’t shut up?) questioned, probed, kicked the tires, and generally massaged the schedule into the awesomeness you see now.  Being part of it was really exciting, especially hearing the passion and excitement that all board members brought to the process.  The quality of the board members (guys, I am not listing names here to preserve privacy – I may revise this blog and put in names if I get your okay) is incredible and it shows in the quality of the schedule.  Yes, of course without the speakers and their abstracts, there would be no schedule, but there were many submissions, and few spots to present.  Choosing who would actually present was not an easy task as the quality of the abstracts was so high.

NB – Edward, you are too public to get the privacy waiver, and besides, you did way to much work not to get the credit.

Abstract submitters -- thanks goes to all of you for submitting your ideas.  Please know that the quality of the presentations gets better and better each year and the number of submissions gets higher and higher.  If you didn't get in this year, please don't be discouraged.  There's always next year and it would be a shame if those who were rejected never tried again.  FWIW, I'm on the board and only one of my abstracts out of three got accepted and it got merged with another presenter.  So much for my cronies on the board.  :)


Okay, you’ve got the schedule.
Dream away.  Figure out what sessions/how you’re going to pay for/where in Washington, DC you’ll stay when you attend 2010’s ODTUG

Isn’t this the best Winter Solstice present ever?  Ever?


Jason said...

Cameron, how am I supposed to heckle you if my talk is at the same time as one of yours? :)

Cameron Lackpour said...

All part of my evil plan. :)


Cameron Lackpour