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23 June 2014

Kscope14 Day 2

Kscope14 Day2

It has begun

Finally, yes, the “real” Kscope has started.  Okay, to be fair yesterday’s Sunday Symposium was the real kickoff, but today is the first day that attendees are presenting.

I’m currently watching my hated former oppressor beloved ex-boss, Edward Roske, battling my older-brother-that-I-never-had-and-will-never-have, My Man In California, Kind to his Mother, Glenn Schwartzberg on Essbase design concepts.  One of them is the smart one, the other not so much.  You decide who.  I know who the better man is.

It will begin

The ASO Planning session I am copresenting with Tim German (you can decide who is the smart one and who isn’t, I’m pretty sure Tim is the former and I am the latter) is at 1:15 pm in room 604/603/602.  

I’m very excited about all of the cool things we learnt in putting together the presentation.

ASO procedural calculations

If you are an ASO Essbase database developer, and you have struggled with ASO procedural calcs, even if the word “Planning” makes you ill, you need to be at this session.  We have something really exciting and I hope to see you all there.

The end, but not really

I will, as time permits, update this blog all day long.

Update numbers 1 and 2

Update the first

The ASO Planning presentation Tim German and I gave went over well, hopefully.  We just pipped the 60 minute mark so not as bad as we might have thought from a timing perspective.

Otherwise, it went well, although of course the reviews will tell the tale.

We are going to see if we can present all the cool stuff we didn’t have time for in an ODTUG webinar, or failing that, some other kind of webinar.  Watch this space.

Update the second

Gabby Rubin (ODTUG Oracle Contributor of the Year) is doing his always entertaining best with Essbase futures.  Of course it’s all under Safe Harbor, so I can’t say anything.  But it is very interesting.  :)  This is some seriously interesting stuff.  You should be here.

Probably all for today

Kscope14 is nothing if not fun, beyond seeing the future of Essbase.  After Gabby’s session, is the next cocktail party, and then the EPM Monday Night Festival.  

Nope, not all for today

The EPM Carnival

Wow, what a fantastic success this was.  Please excuse the Stone Age nature of my pictures as my “smartphone” uses vacuum tubes, needs to be wound regularly, and I think uses coal or maybe charcoal for power.  All of the nice looking pictures are courtesy of Leticia Cordova who apparently isn’t as cheap as I am and thus can take pictures that are actually legible.

The madness begins

Arch of balloons

Are these games disturbing?  Why yes they are.

Finally getting me to shut up

Will need eye bleach after this one

Monday night meetup

We EPMers are a hardy lot, and there was more, more, more  to Day 2.  If there is this much more, more, more to day 3, I may not make it till Day 3, but I will have a good time in doing it.  In short, Natalie Delemar (aka @EssbaseLady) and I hosted another of our ODTUG EPM Monday Night meetups.  A fun (and late) time was had by all.  

As the saying goes, if it didn’t happen in social media, it didn’t happen at all so here are the pics.

What do EPM geeks do when they’re at a bar having a fun night out?


Sometimes we smile at the camera


We draft unwitting Oracle employees into our midst

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\ODTUG 2014\20140623_234009.jpg

Or we make silly faces

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\ODTUG 2014\20140623_233927.jpg

It was a lot of fun.  I am beyond sleepy.  I also can’t believe how fast Kscope14 is passing by.   Noooo, make it last longer!  That’s my brain – the rest of my body may be disagreeing.

Be seeing you.

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