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22 June 2014

Kscope14 Day 1

If you’re not here, you don’t know what you’re missing

Sunday at ODTUG Kscope14 is where Oracle let down their collective hair and tell us, under Safe Harbor, where our beloved tools are going in the next year.  Note – this happens before Oracle holds their own, little known conference.  This is preview, in a word, awesome.

But of course that Safe Harbor means I can’t tell you anything about the content.  Nope, sorry, not going to do it.  I want Oracle to come back next year.   And I’d like to not get sued.

What I can relate

As I type this, the audience is grilling Matt Bradley.  Matt is brave.

And  I can tell you is that Oracle has (or will, later in the day) talked about:
  • EPM Strategy and Interactive Keynote
  • EPM Reporting with OBIEE
  • DRM
  • Planning Suite
  • Essbase
  • Smart View
  • Wrapup

Don’t you wish you were here?  You can be if you aren’t already.  Just attend Kscope15.

See you there!


As I can, I will update this blog as the day goes on.

Planning -- OMG, so cool.  And I have to leave and do ODTUG stuff.  Arrgh.  Way to go Shankar!

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