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07 June 2012

Sign of the times


Will Developing Essbase Applications:  Advanced Techniques for Finance and IT Professionals be at Kscope12Yes indeedy, we will be at booth #224 in the vendor exposition hall.

So what? 

(Sigh, why do I have to ask these questions?  Ah yes, because I have no other way of segueing between barely-connected thoughts.)  Well, you’ll be able to buy the book at the conference.  This will be the very first place to buy the book as it is getting shipped direct from the Taylor & Francis bindery to the warehouse that stores booth furniture.  That means it is coming right from the printer to the conference and to you.  

And you’ll be able to meet us (hopefully at least somewhat thrilling or maybe mildly interesting), talk to us, buy the book (hint), tell us we’ve done a wonderful or horrific job, etc. 

Are these just the delusions of a raving madman?

This very day I received…no, no, not the divine prophecy of a wrathful God, that’s for later, but instead the sign you’ll see at the booth.  I have to thank the people at ExpoGo! for producing it – it looks absolutely fantastic, it’s big (like 7’ tall – that’s 2.1336 meters for those of you not on Imperial/standard), and it looks pretty darn awesome as you can see for yourself.
Right near the front door
 So it’s real?
Am I ever going to stop using this now-tired literary device?  Yes.  Just come to Kscope and see the sign, the entire (just about) group of authors, and of course the book itself.  I can hardly wait.

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GlennS said...

If the book is as big as the poster, it will be hard to take home. Actually, I look forward to getting the book, I've seen a bit of preview material and can't wait for more