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23 June 2012

KScope12 Community Service Day

A day of service
The Saturday before KScope (or Kaleidoscope depending on how long you’ve been attending the very best EPM conference there has been) is traditionally a day when ODTUG gives back to the non-Oracle community.

This year it was a painting, building, sign erecting, cleaning, you name it, we did it day at Crestholme Boys & Girls Club of San Antonio.  

It was a tremendous amount of fun before what is after all a pretty serious week (I love KScope, but it is work) and of course one gets to meet people in completely other tracks that would be strangers otherwise.  I think it is one the many things that sets KScope apart from other conferences.  It is a great organization.

And now the photos

On the school bus to Crestholme

Andrei and I do construction

Yes, their sink is broken/I cause chaos

But it was all worthwhile

Thankfully I was not part of the basketball pole building

Foundation for the sign

Erecting the sign

 Mixing concrete

Set in stone

In the cafetorium

Isn’t this a nice gift?

This was our appreciation gift – what a nice gesture and so pretty.

Was that enough work for today?  Nope.

Here we are stuffing the bags that attendees get on KScope registration.  The fun never stops at ODTUG.

All in all quite a bit of fun

Oh my goodness, it was great, but I am tired.  As my buddy Tim Tow likes to say, “KScope is a marathon, run at a sprint pace.”  

Why aren’t you here?

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