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28 June 2012

Last full day

Oh, it’s hard to believe, and a bit sad, but it’s true – today (at least the day I am writing this and maybe posting) is the last full day of Kscope.  It has been an absolute blur from beginning to end and my level of tiredness is perhaps beyond the ability of my favorite beverage in the whole world, aka coffee, to alleviate.  I must consume more of this magical elixir.  It is just that kind of conference.

Went the day well

Yes, yes, yes, this is Cameron’s perspective but of course this is Cameron’s Blog For Essbase Hackers.  What else would you expect?

I started the day off with an interview of the older brother I never had (of course he claims that I am the younger brother he never wanted) about the overall awesomeness that is Kscope.  As if there was any doubt in your mind, I am referring to My Man in California, Glenn Schwartzberg.  Somehow, sometime, our very possibly slightly overly familiar interview will be out there on the web.  It should at least be entertaining.

And that interview finally got me:

After the criminal misadventure that was Glenn applying the temporary tatoo, we went to the end of Markus Shipely’s session Beginner’s Guide to ODI for Oracle EPM Developers.  Ah, ODI, I love you and hate you.  Mostly love.

Apparently ODTUG has really lost their mind – I was on another “experts” panel – the Essbase Experts Panel along with Dave Collins, Gary Crisci, and Tim German.  Given the discussions, I think it was really the Smart View Experts Panel.  There’s a lot of interest in that product.  Here’s MMIC after the session – he kibitzed from the audience and corrected us as required, as he always does.

I had booth duty and while the promoting and while the selling process (I am not exactly a sales guy) Developing Essbase Applications has been absolutely fascinating and educational, I am not sorry that, for at least this conference, it’s over.  

Here’s a sad photo of a now abandoned booth.

The last session I attended was Gabby Rubin’s A Forward Look at Essbase.  I can only relate two pieces of information from that:
  1. I cannot tell you anything at all about what he said.  Was he even there?  I doubt it.  For sure he'll deny it.
  2. You totally should have been there.


Oh my goodness, what can one say about a rodeo like this – I am going to let the pictures tell the words.


There’s still the half day tomorrow, and I do have a Planning panel I am going to moderate tomorrow 28 June 2012, 10:30 to 11:30 in Wisteria/Sunflower (which I did sort of forget about, whoops – I am a bit overstretched).  

A bit out of order, but the day will start with fellow author Dan Pressman’s ASO Learn How ASO Really Works and How to Harness That Power for Good (his chapter in the book), then go to me being moderator (why am I awake – no, I don’t know either) of Planning All Stars Panel.  I may just collapse after that.

Regardless of the my deteriorating physical state, we are sadly now on the downwards slope.  I’ll post tomorrow with a wrapup and a preview of next year.


GlennS said...

Do you sleep? This must have been posted about 2am. The conference have been exciting but exausting. There is so much to do/learn and so little time to do it. As you I wish I were cloned 12 times over.

Cameron Lackpour said...


I never sleep during Kscope but that means I'm due to crash.

Cameron Lackpour