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28 June 2017

Kscope17, day 2, part 1, and a happy annoucement

I am moved to song

It’s true, it’s really true.  But when something wonderful happens, I simply have a song in my heart.

And what, Cameron, what makes you write this?  What oh what oh what?

Because Gary Adashek is now an Oracle ACE!  

Does he deserve it?  Yes.  Does he deserve to be teased mercilessly about his strange love for the product that was key in his advancement (beyond his intelligence, hard work, conscientiousness, and general awesomeness)?  Even more yes.  Is he completely unafraid to look like a complete goof in his heartfelt approach to helping others?  Even more than more yes.  

And look at him.  And don’t laugh.  Too much.  Although I certainly am.  A lot.
Where’s his choo-choo?

Ah, here it is.  

But what time is it?
1893?  19-ought-3?

The face of a dedicated man, and not incidentally, an Oracle ACE.

Time for that song

^^^Really, you need to listen to this old advertisement unless you’re over the age of 60 (I’m not, btw, no matter what you think).  It’s all good.

Once upon a time there was an Essbase-er,
Gary Ad-a-shek was his monik-er,
He oddly loved Smart View though we don’t know why,
He used enthus-iasm to make the rest of us cry

Gary says…“Hate the Essbase add-in”!
Gary says…“Love the new replacement”!
Gary says…”Smart View is the best”!
Gary says…”Now that I’m ACE, I’ll have to give it a rest”!

It’s with love, Gary, with love.  

For originalists

Choo-Choo Charlie was an engineer,
Choo-Choo Charlie had a train we hear,
He had an engine and it sure was fun,
He used good n plenty candy to make the train run.

Charlie says...”Love my Good ‘n Plenty”!
Charlie says...”Really rings my bell”!
Charlie says...”Love my Good ‘n Plenty”!
It’s Good ‘n Plenty candy that I love so well!

The best part

All kidding aside, and knowing that I’ll never work in Tin Pan Alley, this is a well deserved recognition.

Thank you, ACE program – you chose wisely.

Thank you , Gary, for all you do for the Oracle EPM community.

Be seeing you.

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