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27 June 2017

Kscope 17, day 1, part 2

OMG, I’m already exhausted
I’m not sure anyone could tell the difference (or indeed, care) that after the first full day, I am already at 3 ½ hours of sleep.  It isn’t going to get better.  And yet, Gentle Reader, here is Yr. Obt., Fthl., & Most Hmbl. Svt. tip tapping away with my usual drivel.  Into every life some rain must fall on your (not mine) head.

So, Cameron, what did you do yesterday evening?

If I didn’t have Twitter, I’d never know, using the theory of “Pictures or it didn’t happen”.  Hoo-boy, it was busy.

Check out yesterday’s post for detail up the evening community entertainment.  I am semi-ashamed to admit that I went to the BI, not the EPM, event.  Why, Cameron, why?  ‘Cos I got to see this:

This isn’t the last surprising Gabby snap.  Read on…

Embarrassing photos aside, the event was fantastic and were just pipped to 1st place (it was a pub quiz with a Texas flavor) by those !@#$ing cowboys.  Bastards.

Cameron and Natalie’s EPM meetup

This is the 10th anniversary of my bestie Natalie Delamar.  ODTUG Madame President went all out as usual with a party.  It was amazing.  Thank you, Ride or Die Girl.  It’s been quite a trip, and one I wouldn’t have missed for anything.

Here’s a picture of the layout.  Amazing, Natalie.  I can’t figure out how you have time to do all that you do.

It was a hopping party.

Dan Keith, Amy Dailey, Tim German, Celvin Kattkooran’s forehead (I am not going to pursue a career as a photographer), and Tim German.

Here I am with my buds Amy Dailey and Natalie.

The real surprise.

Who knew that Gabby Rubin moonlights as a barman?  The drinks he made were amazing.  Incredble.  Awesome.  Thank you so much, Gabby.

All for now

I’ll try, maybe, to get today’s events in.  Follow my Twitter feed for up to date information.

Be seeing you.

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