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22 June 2015

Kscope15 Day 2

Sleepy already

Kscope15 is great.  Too great.  It makes me sleepy and the sleepiness gets worse as the conference progresses.  Why?

Because it is so awesome.  Proof?  See the below for the South Florida EPM meetup held in my suite.  Yes, it’s freshman year and a dorm party in my room.

It peaked at about 30 (yes, really) people and was crazy fun, like 2 am fun.  Thanks go to the cochairs of the meetup --- Jessica Cordova and Kris Callabro.

And now truly to day 2

8:30 RPD Magic and Hyperion Planning

I’m sitting in on Gianni Ceresa’s session on integrating Planning into OBIEE.  He’s hacking the Planning schema so he is automatically awesome.  I love hacks around the approved way.


 Keep on reading

MMIC aka Glenn Schwartzberg told me this morning that blogs are dead.  As someone who blogs about once a week (and obviously more this week) I have to ask – is it?  Am I?  Please leave a comment (assuming of course anyone reads this) and give me some feedback.

I’ll keep on blogging as the day goes on.  If you aren’t here, you should be.

Be seeing you.


Pete said...

Y'all better keep blogging! Some of us are living vicariously through you and the kscope shenanigans.

DPress said...

Hey I read EVERYTHING you right (sic)

Annie said...

I read your blog! I appreciate this form of updates on the conference.

Anonymous said...

Nope..They are not dead. We are eagerly awaiting on more posts from you