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19 March 2015

Can you take over the OTN ArchBeat Podcast?

Are you an Architect?  Have something to say?  Want to work with OTN?

You likely are, you almost certainly do, and really should.  It’s also dead easy.

The OTN ArchBeat podcast has been around since 2008 and is a showcase for members of the OTN architect community and everyone else to speak in a relaxed, informal, and unstructured way about the topics, techniques, and tools that make Oracle – and for the purposes of this blog, Essbase and Planning and HFM and ODI and FDMEE and whatever else floats your EPM boat -- hackers, well, something more than hackers.

Yr. obt. svt. has participated in multiple podcasts, and as many of you are already thinking, “If Cameron can do it, surely I can as well.”  You’re right, you can and should.  Some other EPM examples are upgrades and ODI.  I like to think that the latter ODI podcast helped the Great Cause of getting Oracle to support Hyperion Planning KMs in ODI 12c.

Who does this?

Bob Rhubart runs the ArchBeat program within OTN and he is actively canvassing participants for ArchBeat podcasts.  As both Uncle Sam and Lord Kitchener said, Bob wants you.  

In fact, he’s looking for more than participants, Bob’s looking for guest producers.  What’s a guest producer?  It’s someone who picks the topic and selects the panelists for the podcast discussion.  Yes, you get a fabulous Tinseltown title.  I can’t say if you will look like this after the podcast but anything is possible.

What do you do?

Simple, simple, simple:
  1. Pick a topic
  2. Recruit fellow speakers
  3. Submit your podcast abstract to OTN
  4. If approved, come up with a few questions/topics to get the conversational ball rolling
  5. Get on Skype

Can it get easier?  Thought not.

Think of this podcast as a conversation, not a presentation.  We talk/complain/gossip/educate about EPM topics all the time – you’ll do the same in a podcast only it will be recorded for world+dog.

The best part

The very best part is that you only need be generally (or at least putatively) brilliant in your architect-y discussion of whatever EPM content tickles your fancy.

OTN does all of the hard logistical, organizational, and technical work.

How does one get the ball rolling?

Simply submit your idea here.

That’s it.

What are you waiting for?

OTN ArchBeat podcasts and their reach

I should note that the ArchBeat podcast is one of the top three podcasts Oracle have on offer.  Think about that for a moment – ArchBeat is pretty much a grassroots operation (one man does most of the work) and it meets or beats the many sales-related podcasts Oracle produces.  It seems reasonable to assume that something that actually sells software licenses has quite a bit of organizational support (read $, ¥, or £).  This isn’t to take anything away from Bob as he does an excellent job with evangelizing Oracle, but the popularity of these podcasts is testament to the strength of Oracle’s development community.  You are part of that community and the ArchBeat podcast is your chance to share your knowledge.

Be seeing and hopefully hearing you.

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