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13 October 2014

Time to submit that Essbase abstract

Time to submit

No, not to my awesome will, altho’ I must confess to having a slight Svengali-like effect (or is that repulsive-to-all-who-know-me effect?) when it comes to ODTUG’s Kscope15.

Time for what?  Time for Essbase abstract submission for you only have till 15th October 2014 to get those submissions in and Uncle Essbase Wants You to do so as soon as possible.

Why oh why oh why would you do this?

Because you want to present at Kscope15?

Because Kscope15 is the best Oracle users conference there ever has been or ever will be?

Because a chance to present at Kscope15 is the ne plus ultra of your speaking career?

Because Essbase is awesome, and Kscope15 is awesome, so obviously the two together is awesome2?

Those are the obvious reasons.  But there’s more, more, more on offer:
  • Your registration fee, which ranges from an ODTUG member Early Bird cost of $1,500 to an OMG-you-are-so-late $2,250, is waived if your presentation is accepted.
  • You have received much from the ODTUG EPM (ahem, we all know that really means Essbase) community; this is your chance to give back.
  • Want to build your personal EPM brand?  Showcase your firm’s consulting awesomeness?  Prove that customers really do it better than a bunch of soi-disant expert consultants?  Presenting at Kscope is the way to do that.

And what oh what oh what would you present?

Here are the subtopics.  If you can’t find something to submit under these areas, you don’t love Essbase.  So why are you reading this blog?
  • Administration - automation via scripting or other tools, configuration at the Essbase server or application level, monitoring and troubleshooting, backup and recovery, and security management.
  • Optimization - managing and improving Essbase performance - speed, concurrency, or storage. Also includes new features or techniques to solve well-known problems in a higher-performance way.
  • Design - metadata design and dimensional analysis, application and database structure, partitioning, calculation approaches, and engine (BSO, ASO, Hybrid) selection considerations.
  • MDX - multi-dimensional expressions against either ASO or BSO. ASO member formulas and calculation scripts can be involved, but consider whether the focus is the MDX itself or if the presentation belongs in ‘Calculation’ instead.
  • Calculation - ASO and BSO calculation scripts, member formulas, calculation Manager for Essbase, and new or interesting approaches to specific calculation problems.
  • Essbase-related technologies - integration between Essbase and Oracle or non-Oracle tools, interaction with other parts of the EPM stack, Essbase Studio, client tools, the APIs and Web Services, and Essbase Exalytics-related topics. 
  • Other Essbase - business problem-focused presentations, managing Essbase projects or support, Essbase ‘internals,' and session topics that do not fit into the other subcategories.

Surely that’s enough

ODTUG is asking you to submit an Essbase abstract and summary.  I am asking you.  What, you want me to get down on my knees and beg?

How about this for a plea, a call for action, and a rousing cheer for Essbase at Kscope15:  You have good ideas (otoh, you read this blog, so maybe not…), you have passion, you love Essbase, you are a Kscope devotee, in short, you should have already submitted an Essbase abstract.  If you haven’t, good grief man, why haven’t you submitted that abstract?

I am looking forward to your Essbase abstract.  

Be seeing you.

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