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03 October 2012

How powerful is Essbase?

Akin to the hand of God, apparently

Yesterday I went to the Oracle Essbase New Features and Roadmap Update session given by Gabby Rubin and John Baker.  Some of it I had heard at Kscope12, although now a lot of the things that were in the “maybe this will happen, maybe this won’t, have you ever wondered why the sky is blue” category were now laid out in black and white.  

But there are lots of really, really, really interesting things coming.  I am more convinced than ever that Essbase will be around for a long time.  It won’t be the same Essbase I first saw in Essbase 3.1 back in 1994, but it’ll still be Essbase.  This is a good thing as static products are dead products.

Where does the magic happen?  Right here

So I was sitting next to my MMIC, Glenn Schwartzberg, who asked me to take a picture of the last slide, you know, the good one, where all of the future steps are mapped out because he had to leave the session early.  We were allowed (I thought) to take these shots, so up I walked to do just that.

I am no photographer, but I can do family snaps and, I thought, take a picture of a screen.  It looked clear in the preview of my not-so-beloved smart phone’s photo app.

I share this all with you, no matter what Oracle says

Well, it turns out we were not supposed to take photographs.  And apparently an angry demigod named Essbase thought the same thing, because here is the 100% unaltered shot:

What is the moral of this story?

Mess with the best, die like the rest.  And don’t have Cameron do the picture taking.  :)

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srx said...

Hi Cameron, here's something for you!
Meanwhile maybe you could list some of these great coming features?