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24 September 2012

Oracle Open World Essbase/EPM meetup


I know many (some?  one or two?) of you are coming to OOW, or will be in the Bay Area vicinity next week.

We (Tim Tow and I) are hosting an Essbase/EPM meetup at Specchio-Ristorante at 8 pm, Tuesday 2 October.

What’s it all about, Alfie?

What's it going to be about?  Agenda tbd, but I hope you enjoy improvisational situations because that's exactly what it's going to be.

What I would expect:
  • Networking
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Completely legal drugs in liquid form at the cash bar.  No, not antipsychotics in liquid suspension, but I do believe Specchio has a liquor license.  OTOH, if it's a really trying conference, I may be drinking coffee.  Or thinking maybe Risperdal might be an option.  It might be that good of a conference.  We shall see.   Once upon a time, I worked for the company that invented that drug.  No, I am not a pharmacologist.  I did however replace their IRI Express (soon to become Oracle OLAP Server) instance with Essbase.  :)
  • Hanging out with like-minded people.  Which I suppose is pretty darn close to Networking, so I think I am done with the listing of benefits.

There's only room for 50, and Tim and I have both rsvp'd, so that means 48 slots are open as of this writing.

Here’s the gen

Here's the meetup invitation:

And the restaurant's web site:

I hope you can make it -- it should be a lot of fun.

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