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03 August 2017

Drill to Detail Ep.37 'How Essbase Won the OLAP Wars' With Special Guest Cameron Lackpour

Drill to Detail, just what is it?

It’s Mark Rittman’s take on (I am just going to crib directly from the site) on the business and strategy of analytics, big data, and distributed processing in the cloud in the form of podcast interviews with the geeks (I may have added this descriptor) who make it all happen.  I particularly like the way his interviews and interviewees contextualize technologies within markets, companies, and across history.  There’s nothing else like it.

If this sounds overly ambitious, know that the execution exceeds the vision.  Why?  Because Mark interviews the Great and the Good of our (and many other) professional spaces to get their take on technology, products, markets, trends, and futures.  Some of the luminaries most of us should recognize are Stewart Bryson, Dan McClary, Graham Spicer, Robin Moffatt, Vasu Murthy, Chris Webb, Gwen Shapira, Adrian Ward, and Donald Farmer who speak on tools and subjects as diverse as Gartner groupings, Big Data, Kudu, Hadoop, various forms of BI, Cloud (of course), DI, OLAP, and now… Essbase.

Yeah, Essbase.  And yeah, yr. obt. svt.  But don’t let that last bit put you off.

I could write all kinds of (un)funny jokes about how Mark made some sort of mind numbing mistake bringing me on (and would likely get many to agree) and could write all kinds of quite truthful remarks about how many others could have done better.  Instead I’ll just shut up for once and be grateful.  

You can subscribe to the series on iTunes or listen in via your browser:
In any case, I am beyond flattered to have been included in Mark’s program and I hope I do the subject justice.  Listen in, I think you’ll enjoy it.  Listen to the rest of the Drill to Detail series as well – it’s eye opening.

Be seeing you.

P.S.  And yeah, 76 minutes of  yr. obt. svt., longer than any other of his podcasts.  I'm either an Essbase bore and he couldn't stand listening to me again to edit it down or what I have to say interested Mark and maybe you too.  You decide.

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Philip Hulsebosch said...

All Readers, have a look at this interview. As Essbase Veteran (can I say this with almost 20 years working with Essbase?) I enjoyed it and got different insights on some topics! Well done.