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27 June 2016

Kscope 16, day 2

Kicking it off

I interviewed fellow Oracle ACE Director Heli Helskyaho who is just absolutely brilliant:  multiple technologies, in a PhD program on Big Data, multiple book author, and oh by the way holds down a full time job and a family.  And also tremendously nice.  Thanks, Heli, for letting me interview you.

Hybrid tested the right way

Tim’s being bombarded with questions – Hybrid Essbase is on everyone’s minds.

Here’s the room.  It’s kind of full.

Just amazing stuff.  Whenever I have delusions of grandeur I need only think back to Heli and Tim and realize I’m quite the piker.

PBCS, On-Premises, Administration

Jason Jones and I gave a session on PBCS vs. on-premises from an administration-only compare and contrast perspective.  It will not surprise you that we advocated PBCS is the right answer beyond all of the gee-whiz features it offers.  From a practical, everyday, you-will-actually-use-it point of view, PBCS’ functionality far outstrips on-premises.  

We had a full house.

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