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04 May 2012

Oracle wants you to help make OTN better

Oracle wants your help again

Isn’t it grand being loved?  Or at least being consulted?  I’ll take the latter from a ginormous technology company.  It’s all I’m likely to get in any case.

Why oh why do they want your opinion?  Could it be because you are the customer and they think listening to you is important?  Could be.  :)

Spend any time on OTN?

I’ve spent a few hours of my life over on the Essbase forum.  It’s a great place to get information about all things Oracle EPM.  I hear they have a few other products as well…what is this Cee-Kew-Eel they speak of?

In any case, Oracle are now asking you, oh Cameron’s-Blog-For-Essbase-Hackers readership (I lurv each and every one of you, really I do), and everyone else (that number is rather larger than the audience for this blog) to weigh in how to improve the OTN forum experience as part of an OTN upgrade in 2012.

The categories

OTN (and of course Oracle) want to know:
  1. What forums improvements are you hoping for out of this project?
  2. How frequently do you login to Oracle Forums (i.e. to participate, not just read?)
  3. Rate your satisfaction with the following data migration approaches (live posts back to 2001, all posts to 2001 with only more recent posts live, partial migration back to 2004 with only more recent posts live)
  4. How many years of live data would you expect to have?
  5. How would you rate the importance of migrating forums content that is already archived and read-only today?

Don’t just read about it here, go ahead and vote

Five simple questions and how you answer them will have an impact on what Oracle does with OTN?  Like I wrote earlier, isn’t consultation awesome?  Don’t just read about here, fill out that survey.  I have.

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