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15 September 2011

Hate Smart View? Love the add-in?

Don’t be a hater

It looks like it’s finally time to embrace Smart View.


Remember all of those things that the add-in has done since the year dot but Smart View has not?  (Ooooh, a rhyme, and not even intentional.)

Yes, you remember.  How could you possibly forget?

The answer to all of our Smart View prayers is here:  full add-in parity has (apparently, see below) been reached.

Has wild cheering ensued on your end?  It did on mine when I heard about it.  

See the Essbase Labs post on the functionality right here.

And MMIC's even more detailed take on it here.

Fall in love all over again on 29 September 2011

If you want to see this in action, go to Oracle Support and search for document id 1356368.1.  This will sign you up for the webinar.  Remember all of those Support Advisors I’ve blogged about?  This webinar is part of that initiative.  Have you had good thoughts for Support lately?  You should.

See you there.

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