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24 May 2011

What the heck is the Q?


Well, what is it?

It’s not the name of an avant garde Broadway show.  

It isn’t used for playing snooker.  Or pretending you’re Paul Newman.  Actually, I’ve hung around with a lot of Essbase people – we’re more built like Jackie Gleason.

But I digress, yet again.  The Q in question is at the top of the Essbase forum, pinned to very tippy-top.

So what is it, anyway?

What can be seen

That seems mysterious.   And intriguing.  What do you suppose it does?  Will I ever end with the leading questions?  Yes, indeed, and I just gave you a clue.  

It’s a little different over on the Planning and Budgeting board.
What!?!  Those no-good Planning guys get the whole question!  Hmmph, bunch of second raters, if you ask me.  The cool guys got the puzzle but it had to be spelled out for Planning people.  As is typical.

NB – I have been implementing Planning since 2002.  Or was it 2001?  See, I told you Planning consultants were slow.

Essbase guys are way cooler – we (Did I mention I’ve worked with Essbase since 1993?  Or was it 1994?) just get a single letter and have to fall back on our innate intelligence, good looks, and better breeding to figure this out.  

Alternatively, you could skip all of this drivel and just click on the “Q” link.  I did.

First a tirade of praise

It’s that great big company asking you for help again.  I’m apologizing in advance of my mini-rant to all of the fine people who used to work at Hyperion and now work for Oracle.  Okay, apology over, and so the frothing at the mouth can begin.  Can anyone remember Hyperion Solutions asking us, the users and implementers of their products, for help?  Ever?  Publicly?  

Nope, thought not.

It continues to amaze me that a company Oracle’s size gets it.  But they do, and this is further proof of it.  And no, I don’t work for them nor do I own any stock.  But I do make a living off of their products and their success is my success.  I want, no, I need Oracle to succeed.  If you’re reading this blog, the same is true for you as well.

So what did I find?

Oracle’s asking us for help.  How can we not answer?

Click on the link

And you will find a five minute survey on documentation.  Fill it out, won’t you?  This is one of those moments where your self-interest and Oracle’s coincide.  Unless you like bad documentation.

How to go beyond the survey

Some of you may be familiar with this little conference I have been talking about of late:

Did you know that Oracle Support will have a lounge at KScope?

And that Oracle will be presenting at the conference?

And that this is your opportunity to engage in conversation with Oracle management?  

Yessir, it’s all true.

So what on earth are you waiting for?  

Take the survey and then show up at KScope – for the Geeks Who Matter.

See you there.


GlennS said...

As typically thank you for an informative atricle. Taking the survey I learned/found something I was not aware of. The Defects Fixed Finder spreadsheet. You have to be logged onto support to get it, but it is well worth it. It shows you in what version/patch defects were fixed.
Thanks to MMIP

Cameron Lackpour said...


I'm glad you liked it. John Booth has a bunch of support resources surfaced on the front page of his blog. Check out www.metavero.com and look over in the left frame.



P.S. Do you suppose our former mutual employer ever regrets the "My Man In India" presentation?