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20 April 2011

The Dodeca channel, 24 hours a day


No, that isn’t me droning on and on about the marvelousness of Dodeca, but instead an exciting YouTube channel that is 100% Dodeca.  It’s almost as entertaining as television, and infinitely more educational.  

This is pretty exciting stuff – you don’t need to sign up for a webinar, they’ve rehearsed it enough so that there are no demo SNAFUs, and you can rewind (how quaint my VCR-era-soon-to-be-completely-outdated terminology is) the video to illustrate a point again and again.

Tim posts updates to the threads in his Twitter account (you are all subscribers, yes?) or YouTube’s own subscription functionality can be used.  Or you could just obsessively go to the page every day and see if there’s something new.  

What’s out there

As of today, here are the videos:
Introduction to Dodeca
Installing Dodeca
The Sample Application
Creating a new Dodeca Application
Creating an Essbase Excel view
Workbook Scripts
Exporting Metadata to a Local Zip File

The list is ever-expanding, so more cool content is coming everyone’s way.

So go watch it, already

Videos of how to do all of this stuff is exciting.  Sometimes a picture, or a video, is worth a thousand words.  And as Dodeca is the most all-around awesome reporting tool for Essbase there ever was, I know you’ll all be out there today.  See, YouTube is for work, too.  :)

Show it to your fellow geeks, show it to your family, but most importantly, show the Introduction to Dodeca episode to your Essbase reporting economic decision maker.  Actually, for that, call Tim and get him to turn on his patented Geek Idol marketing charm.  Works every time.

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